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White Mines Barcelona: Street Dancers

White Mimes in Barcelona: Human Statues, Street Musicians, and Lots More!

by Christian Petzold - updated February 11, 2022

Street performers in Barcelona give the city its distinctive vibe and offer a variety of performances for audiences. The scrumptious offerings from these artists include everything from acrobatic stunts, dance routines to drummers, acrobats, and jugglers who can make you feel dizzy with their pirouettes or a Spanish guitar player who will sing for you for free.

Scroll down now and learn more about these white mimes in Barcelona, unique artists that give this lively city its “street show” vibe.

Walking Down Las Ramblas

While walking down to Las Ramblas, it’s pretty normal to spot severed parts of a chef in a pizza, a devil, a pirate, a demon from folklore, a moving skeleton on a bicycle, Galileo Galilei, or a golden man dressed as a tennis player. Not to mention a levitating white lady, men coated in moss, a woman who lost his arms, a devil in the back of a trunk, and a Frankenstein.

Once a place for monks and students, today, the long road is a hub for street performers. They create their characters by dressing up like mythological beings or famous historical figures, and stand motionless for hours, or even breaking the pose to perform and interact among the crowd.

This iconic boulevard stretches for nearly a mile and is the perfect stage for artists to perform their quirky acts and capture the attention of tourists. Visitors can also walk across a large piece of art by the Spanish artist Joan Miró. It was created in the 1960s and restored by the government to mark its 30th anniversary.

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The Importance of Street Performers in Barcelona

Visitors not only stroll down to Las Ramblas to dine, drink, shop, and experience the sights. They are also here to share what the carnival atmosphere is like. It’s not always the scenery and architectural beauty that attracts people here. 

The real stars of the boulevard are the daily street performers. These are the clowns, mimes, magi­cians, dancers, and human statues that populate La Rambla from dawn to dusk.

Street Performers

They come in extravagant costumes and makeup and give their small performance to get the attention and imagination of the public. Having a coffee in La Rambla café is not just having a coffee; it is also an opportunity to watch these street stars in action conveniently.

The street performers in Barcelona are most likely performing for a living. Yet, it does not discount that they are masters of their art. Behind their makeups, costumes, props, and performances are a lot of passion, artistry, and creativity. That is why these street artists provide you with interest, amusement, and creativity. That’s why they can make any tourist smile.

Street Performers of Las Ramblas

To start your journey witnessing the street performers of Las Ramblas, go to Plaza Cataluña, on the Rambla de Canaletes. Here many urban artists welcome you into this scenic route. You’ll get entertained easily by masked statutes and jugglers using their entire bodies as a prop to keep you mesmerized. Showing off his famous balling skills, you might spot the very renowned Maradona of the Ramblas.

To keep your memory of this place, you might want to take a souvenir of a drawing of yourself, thanks to the skillful painters who can draw almost anything into funny caricatures. Most of these artists position themselves in the opposite of the theatre’s square.

If you’re done visiting the Rambla de Canaletes, then walk your way to la Rambla de Los Capuchinos. Here you’ll find the human statues. These are essential artists in Barcelona who dedicate many hours to wearing extravagant makeup and costumes. They then froze in a very unusual position – just to capture the audience’s attention and transport them back to the old era- movie characters, evil beings, or even one with nature.

They only move by interacting with the public, but only for a few seconds, then back to their original position, frozen and remaining part of the huge art, and that is Las Ramblas. 

White Mimes Barcelona: Living Statues

Now to soothe your day with some music, head to La Rambla de Santa Monica. Here you’ll spot the music street performers, breakdancing groups, hip-hoppers, and tango dancers, offering their passion and adding music to your journey to this miracle city. 

White Mimes Barcelona: Music In The Streets

The City Council allows these artists to perform in the streets and sometimes even encourages them. They all have maintained professionalism, presented their art, and defended their artistic talent to a professional Jury to ensure they maintain a high standard in the great theatre of Las Ramblas in this side of Barcelona’s street art.

Author’s Note About White Mimes in Barcelona

Art in Barcelona is not limited to traditional museums or opera houses. Street Performers in Barcelona are its true soul and the true stars of Las Ramblas.

Long before Las Ramblas was the bustling boulevard it is today. It was already one of the busiest stretches of road in the city. The businesses eventually led to increased street performers in Barcelona and people came from all over Spain to enjoy their performances.

Performing arts, street art, and street performers have been a part of Barcelona’s cultural life for centuries; they are a part of Barcelona’s folklore, which is what makes them so unique.

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