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Best views in Barcelona

Best Views in Barcelona: Experience the Magic of the City From the Sky

by Christian Petzold - updated February 18, 2022

Barcelona is a beautiful city to see from whichever vantage point you choose to take in the sights. Seeing Barcelona from above, on the other hand, is nothing short of spectacular. 

Not only does Barcelona from above provide a unique viewpoint, but it also helps you develop a more profound knowledge of the city.

And when you look down on Barcelona from above, you’ll see that it’s relatively little for a city of its scale and importance.

You can see Barcelona’s abundance of districts, each with a different feel and atmosphere. And the good part is that it is not very hard to find a good spot to see Barcelona up high.

The following are just a few of the many best views in Barcelona and different ways you can see it from above.

Barcelona Aerial View 

Barcelona doesn’t fall short on aerial views. A large part of this is because of mountains and hills that dominate the city’s skyline.

The most breathtaking panoramas are seen with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Here are our top finds for the best views in Barcelona.

1. Barcelona Bunkers

Bunkers Del Carmel

These bunkers were built during the Spanish Civil War to house guns, ammunition, and military stores. It was initially used as a fortress against fighter planes during the  Civil War, thus the name.

These bunkers are 250 meters in height, making them the most attractive spots for an aerial Barcelona view. And with a panoramic view of the city from all angles, there is no better place to enjoy some spectacular photographs.

2. Montjuic 

Montjuic View

If this is your first journey to Barcelona, the Montjuic area should be on your list of sights to see. Anywhere you stand in Montjuic is a vantage point from which you can enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the city. 

There is an incredible light and sound spectacle in front of the Montjuic Palace known as Font Magica or Magic Fountains. Not only an excellent sight to see, but it splashes and sings, attracting a great crowd to gather and see the performance.

Make sure to pack your travel tripod because you wouldn’t want to miss taking photos of the magical fountain in low light.

Then there is the La Monumental-a former bullring that faces the palace but now is an excellent shopping mall. Its expansive rooftop patio offers 360-degree Barcelona views of the surrounding neighborhood.

3. Barcelona Cable Cars

There are two cable cars in Barcelona. The main difference is the views that you’ll be able to take in.

Montjuic Cable Car (Telefèric de Montjuïc)

Montjuic Cable Car

The Montjuic Cable car or the Teleferic de Montjuic can take you from the foot of Montjuic to the castle at the summit of the mountain. 

This cable car is primarily for convenience since you may walk the entire route if you like (although the views from the top are spectacular)!

With the Montjuic Cable Car, you may go from its base to its castle in one ride. If you don’t want to use the cable car, you may walk the hill. While the views you see on the way are great, it’s more spectacular if you’re in high heights!

Besides riding the cable car, I recommend taking a trip around Montjuic, where you can learn about the region while taking in breathtaking Barcelona views.

Port Cable Car (Telefèric de Port)

Port Cable Car

The port cable car is an obvious winner in providing some of the best views in Barcelona over the city’s most prominent landmarks. From Montjuic (near the Mirador Miramar), you may take a cable car journey that will take you directly over Port Vell, the Maremagnum mall, and Barceloneta.

You won’t miss the Barceloneta Cable Car Tower because it stands almost as tall as the W hotel and offers breathtaking 360-degree views of Barcelona.

4. Park Guell

Park Guell View

Park Guell is one of the most well-known and best-looking spots in all of Barcelona. Park Guell, designed by the world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, was initially intended to be a housing complex before being transformed into a public park in the 1960s.

Park Guell has many walking routes, colorful structures, and eccentric architecture synonymous with Gaudi’s work. Hike through the park or sit on one of the brightly tiled chairs to get a bird’s-eye of Barcelona view.

How to get there? You may walk up to the park from the Lesseps or Vallcarca metro stations, but be aware that it is a steep climb in both directions.

5. Tibidabo

Tibidabo View

With its prominent peaks, Tibidabo can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Cascading the church is a 120-year-old amusement park. Two of its most prominent attractions are the Ferris wheel and a flight simulator. And with a large figure of Jesus extending his arms, the church is easily recognizable.

Tibidabo is the highest peak in Barcelona, rising to about 1,700 feet above sea level. So it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most spectacular, uninterrupted Barcelona views of the city from up here.

While each of these structures contributes to the city’s unique skyline, it is the view of Barcelona from above that the mountain provides that is the most magnificent. So this is your chance to have an excellent aerial view of the city. 

Best Rooftop Barcelona Views

There are plenty of rooftop bars opening all over Barcelona, probably because they make for an excellent vantage point. More than just a place for excellent food, drinks, and company, many of these rooftops make a good viewing platform. 

For those who don’t want to go up a hill, here are some of my favorite places to have a drink with incredible scenery:

1. Gaudi Rooftops (Casa Batllo + Casa Mila)

Gaudi Rooftop View

If you want to admire the best views in Barcelona, check out Casa Batllo and Casa Mila, located in Eixample near the Passeig de Gracia.

Both of these Gaudi-designed buildings feature rooftop terraces from which you can take in his spectacular architecture and the roofs of Barcelona in the surrounding areas.

2. The Barcelo Ravel 

Because of its circular rooftop with a panoramic view of Barcelona, the Barcelo Ravel rooftop bar is ranked among the city’s top three best bar Barcelona views. It’s a laid-back pub at the top of a hotel where you may order beverages from the bar and sit wherever you like. 

The Barcelo Raval is also famous for its “Happy Hour” and live music nights. They offer a few different types of menu, and you can even go and dance on the rooftop (if that’s your thing).

3. Eclipse Bar at the W

Eclipse bar is located at the W Hotel in Barcelona, and it looks out over the city.

The W Barcelona is one of the most spectacular hotels in Spain, with its unusual art deco design, chic restaurants/bars, and cutting-edge amenities.

One of the popular spots here is the Eclipse bar, which has a great selection of drinks and a panoramic view looking out over downtown Barcelona. Not only you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best views in Barcelona, but you will also have a good vantage point over the entire beach.

Author’s Note

There are many marvelous places to enjoy the best views in Barcelona, and the atmosphere from its rooftops will not disappoint. Whether you want a place for great food, drinks, or company, chances are there is a rooftop bar nearby with an excellent vantage point.

My favorite areas are Tibidabo, Park Guell, and Cascading Rooftops near Passeig de Gracia. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post, and now you know where to find some of the best views in Barcelona. Here are some more guides to help you get the most out of Barcelona. Happy exploring!

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