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We are the local team that is dedicated to make your stay in our beautiful city as pleasant as possible. Please contact us for insider tips on Barcelona and the whole of Catalonia!

Coming from a background of traveling and working in the tourism industry for many years, we are an enthusiastic and professional crew that is passionate about Spain and Barcelona.


Christian Petzold

Christian Petzold

Marketing Director/Founder

Hailing from Germany, Christian has been an avid tourism enthusiast for many years. Says Christian about his early appreciation of the travel industry, “Looking back to when my passion for traveling was developed, I think this must have been in my early childhood. My parents always used to travel with me and my siblings by caravan and tent into a neighboring European country… Eventually this lead me to study tourism management in Germany and the UK… Implementing at least some elements of this experience in a mass tourist destination like Barcelona is one of the aims of our activity.”

As an active outdoor enthusiast, Christian is an avid biker. He has completed treks around many destinations including cycling across the entire country of New Zealand. He is also a die-hard football fan and enjoys playing the sport in any condition.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, German

Florian Storace

Florian Storace

Senior Project Manager

Florian is from Northern Germany, however he also has family roots in the south of Italy. Having lived in Italy and Germany, he was excited to take his next adventure to Spain.

As our online marketing specialist, he keeps himself on the pulse of Barcelona to ensure our customers’s experiences are as vibrant, colourful and exciting as the city itself.

In his free time, you can find Florian watching worldwide sports, especially Italian and German football. A passionate chef, Florian is also known for his expert culinary art skills and love for local markets and fresh food.

Florian loves to travel and experience the local cultures of cities around the world, whether that be taking a bus through Greece to Macedonia, tasting the street food in Fez, Morocco, or exploring a BBQ and Blues festival in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Florian is also not afraid to get active, taking part in bike trips or challenging himself with various ways of travel.

Languages spoken: German, English, Italian, Spanish

Sonja Huber

Sonja Huber

Senior Project Manager

A native of Bavaria, globe trotter and adventurer, Sonja followed her passion for travel and exotic countries by pursuing studies in Tourism Management at Munich University.

During her employment in various hotels she further deepened her knowledge of the tourism and MICE industry. She takes on special tasks supporting our external team and manages our office.

On the weekends she loves recovering from turbulent agency life on hiking in the mountains of Barcelona, relaxing on the beaches of Catalunya and jamming on her flute.

Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish

Lenka Liptakova

Lenka Liptakova

Senior Project Manager

Lenka, originally from Slovakia, is a very important member of our team. She is always smiling and brings positive energy to the office. She has a “can do and want to do” attitude and she is happy to help with any problem a customer is facing.

After finishing her Master of Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium, Lenka decided to make her dream come true and so she moved to Barcelona. Since the work is very dynamic and energetic, the best she can relax is with a good book and while cooking foreign specialties. In her free time, she also enjoys a good wine, typical Spanish cuisine and the company of her friends.

“I believe that the most important thing is to love what you do. And that for me is very easy in the travel industry when creating unforgettable experiences to people.”

Languages spoken: Slovak, Czech, English, German, Spanish

Viktoria Weiler

Viktoria Weiler

Junior Project Manager

Originally from Austria, Viktoria is a true enrichment for BCN Travel because of her reliability and her charming mode of communication.

She fell in love with the Spanish mentality during an internship in Mallorca, so she decided to return to Spain after studying in Vienna.

Through her openness she deals respectfully and trustworthy with every customer. In her free time she uses every minute to travel and discover the world. She likes to do sports like yoga and volleyball as well and considers herself as a passionate epicure.

Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish

Yentl Straat

Yentl Straat

Junior Project Manager

Yentl is from a small village close to Maastricht, in the south of Holland. In 2016 she started studying International Tourism Management in Breda. She is in her third year now and does her first placement here in Barcelona at BCN Travel.

It has always been a dream of Yentl to live in a foreign country, especially Spain. After visiting Barcelona a couple of times with her family she was pretty sure that this was the city she wanted to live for a while.

Her aim is to put the theory, she now only had at university, in practice. In the weekends Yentl likes to explore a little bit more of Barcelona everytime and loves to show the city to friends and family from home who visit her.

Languages spoken: English, Dutch, German

Matteo Tonelli

Matteo Tonelli

Marketing & Social Media

Originally from northern Italy, Matteo visited Spain for the first time at the age of seventeen and from the very first moment he fell in love with the spirit of the country.

The following years included visits to Girona, Ibiza and especially Barcelona, a city that caught his heart and made him come back several times, till his definitive move to the city.
In addition to this, his curiosity (and a true passion for food) led him to visit France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Belgium and Holland, where he discovered cultures and tastes from all over Europe.

Through his studies in communication he does what he loves most: helping people having the best time in the best way.

He loves both beaches and mountains, sun and snow and that’s why in his free time his favourite activity is to take the train to explore Catalonia and see or do new things, because he really believes that every experience can improve yourself.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish



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