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Fc Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid

El Clasico FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid History, Tickets… and More!

by Christian Petzold - updated November 25, 2021

The two clubs’ rivalry (FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid) is considered one of the most famous and intense in footballing history. It will take place for the 27th time in Barcelona’s stadium on March 20th, 2022.

Like other fixtures that take place before big international tournaments such as European Championships or World Cups, there is a massive demand for tickets to this match.

The match has been dubbed the “El Clasico,” and if you’re lucky enough to witness it and get access, you’ll see why.

Discover the Rivalry’s Early History of El Clasico FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Today’s animosity stems from Spain’s Falangist era, but the roots of rivalry are deeply embedded in the country’s history.

Through both Spain and soccer history, Phil Ball asserts that regional rivalry has always persisted throughout Spain due to the Spanish government’s past centralization practices. 

“Madrid has no harbor, it is not at the meeting place of two rivers, it boils in summer, and it freezes in winter.” 

-Phil Ball

As a result, regional rivalries were ingrained in the DNA of the majority of most Spanish clubs. Nothing exemplifies this over the two clubs’ (El Clasico) very first clashes in a mini-tournament in 1902. The tournament was held in commemoration of the coronation of Alfonso XIII, which featured two clubs from Madrid and Barcelona, as well as  Basque club Vizcaya. 

As the teams continued to face each other over the following decade, the animosity between them increased and grew. Catalans dominated these competitions, to the tune of constant and ill-tempered complaints from the direction of the Castilians. Overall, “the strife and struggles between the two clubs from 1905 onwards accurately mirror the main contests of 20th-century Spanish history… mainly through clear cultural differences.”

Fc Barcelona Stadium

At the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces took control. At the same time, football has become a significant vehicle for cultural expression.

When & Where Is the Next Clasico FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Great news for sports enthusiasts! While COVID-19 is far from history, considering the efficiency of Spain’s vaccine program, the Spanish government has approved the attendance of speculators as usual for the 2021-22 La Liga season. 

Clasico FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Let us hope that this remains the case until next year. Indeed, for the time being, tickets are available, and – as you can expect – there’s a great deal of seeing live sports again after such a lengthy hiatus. 

  • Competition: Supercopa
  • When: January 11th, 2022
  • Where: Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
  • Kick-Off time: 23:00
  • Competition: La Liga
  • When: March 20th, 2022
  • Where: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid
  • Kick-Off time: 21:00

Depending on the Copa del Rey and Champions League draw, the two teams may face a third, fourth, or even fifth time throughout the season.

One final word of caution: these games are occasionally postponed by one day (for example, from a Saturday to a Sunday, or vice versa), so try to keep your flights and travel arrangements flexible, or allow a day before or after the game.

Other Fixtures

If you have the opportunity to watch El Clasico, take advantage of it! 

But if your travel dates do not coincide, take advantage of any opportunity to see the legendary Barça play in The Camp Nou stadium that can hold 99,000 people.

Ticket Compare has a complete list of FC Barcelona games so that you can get the best-priced tickets for every match. Just make sure you get them before the home game.

Tickets for Barcelona – Real Madrid

Tickets for the Spanish derby have gone on sale, with prices ranging from 105 euros for single tickets, and up to 345 euros for pair seats, according to FootballTicketnet.com. Tickets for the lateral sideline pair start at 295 euros.

The cheapest pair tickets are in the 4th goal, which means they are up in the nosebleed seats behind the goals and at 125 euros each. It will be a classic for the ages, as Barcelona is desperate to win the big game, while Real Madrid is eager to put Barcelona away as soon as possible to add to their rivals’ problems.

Hospitality and Packages

If you want a great experience at Camp Nou Stadium, book your tickets for this futbol game, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline! 

Here are some of the things included when you’re opting for building your own El Clásico Experience through tour packages.

  • Stay at one of the deluxe or luxury hotels just near the stadium
  • VIP meet and greet service at the airport, as well as luggage handling
  • A safe and convenient round-trip private transportation to and from your hotel.
  • Daily served breakfast at the hotel
  • Reserved tickets to El Clásico
  • Round trip match transfers
  • Private guided tours of Madrid for half or a full day – have the chance to explore everything this city offers!
  • Special welcome package with memorable souvenirs from El Clásico, such as a travel guide, maps, and other memorabilia
  • Pre-trip preparation assistance, a personalized travel itinerary, and an educational event packet are all available
  • All-inclusive day or half-day private trips with transportation
  • Meet and greet with athletes or celebrities
  • Commercial or private air transfers

Public Viewing

Fc Barcelona Game 1

When FC Barcelona is playing, thousands of supporters join together to watch the match and exchange drinks at their neighborhood pub. If you have come for a visit or are already residing in Barcelona, why not join the custom and collect up some friends for a session of drinking and cheering?

Here are our top 2 bars to celebrate on a game day.

The George Payne

The George Payne is the largest Irish pub and the best spot to watch a match. Plus, The George Payne is well-known among students as a location to get a cheap drink, since a bucket of beer or five beers to share costs around only ten euros.

Altogether, this bar has an incredible atmosphere and good service. The George Payne is a good place for your next stop for any match day or weekend night out! 

They install a massive projection in the bar on game day, and spectators crowd in to catch a glimpse of the action. This pub is constantly packed, so it’s best to arrive early if you want to get a table.

La Taverna de Barcelona

If you’re searching for a traditional dining experience, La Taverna is the place to go. La Taverna, a 1930s-style Spanish pub, has long been a fan favorite. La Taverna is a great place to meet with friends for a game day, but if you want to ensure a table, you’ll need to phone ahead or show up early.


  • How can I find out who is playing in camp now?
    • There is no shortage of information available about El Clasico. It’s one of the most anticipated matches each season, so that means you’ll never have to look far for updates or live coverage. You can check local sports news channels and major outlets like ESPN to stay on top of the latest news. For fans hoping to attend in person, tickets are now available through Ticketmaster.
  • Where can I watch El Clasico?
    • You can watch El Clasico at any number of sports bars around the city. We recommend La Taverna, located on Aragó Avenue, especially for fans who want to dine and watch the game.
    • You’ll also see plenty of people watching outside their homes and local watering holes on these days. 
  • What is FC Barcelona’s record against Real Madrid?
    • FC Barcelona’s record against Real Madrid:
      • Total wins for FC Barcelona: 96. 
      • Total wins for Real Madrid: 99. 
      • Draws 52.
  • Where is Camp Nou?
    • Camp Nou stadium is located at the north end of Travessera de Les Corts, near Cementiri and the Maternitat. 
  • Why is it called Camp Nou?
    • Although it was intended to be called the ‘Estadi del FC Barcelona,’ it quickly became commonly known as the ‘Camp Nou,’ or ‘the new ground.’ 
  • What is Camp Nou Famous For?
    • Camp Nou stadium is famous for being one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, with a seating capacity of 99,000+ spectators.

Bottom Line

Standing in the shadows of such a towering stadium, it’s hard to imagine Barcelona without Camp Nou. It is the home of FC Barcelona, the fans, and the spirit of Catalan pride. Regardless of what happens on or off the field on Saturday, FC Barcelona will continue to play at Camp Nou for years to come.

We hope this article has given you all the information you need for the upcoming El Clasico. We have listed some articles below that will guide you as you plan your next football game tour and Barcelona trip.

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