The Best Cafe in Barcelona: Enjoy a Bustling Locale

Christian Petzold

Published January 17, 2022
best cafe in barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The bustling city is a tourist’s paradise, with the Eixample, Raval, and the Gothic Quarter all offering sightseeing opportunities for locals and international visitors alike. Barcelona’s cultural history offers travelers a rich mix of Gothic architecture with ancient Roman ruins and medieval Islamic styles mixed in. 

Bcn Coffee

Modern luxury such as Joan Miro’s work at the Museum Miro offers a glimpse into life’s history over 100 years ago, while cafes offer tastes from modern civilization. With an endless list of places to work from your laptop, this Spanish hotspot is an ideal location for anyone looking for inspiration or wanting to experience this bustling locale!

This article will cover some of the best coffee shops in Barcelona and their top features.

Best Cafe in Barcelona

1. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Because of its clandestine position, Satan’s Coffee Corner becomes even more attractive. Prepare to stroll through the back alleyways of El Barri Gotic – deep into the urban labyrinth, where few visitors venture. And when you seem you’ve reached a dead end, you can be fortunate enough to come across the cafe you’ve been looking for.

With its bright yellow furnishings, high ceiling, azure walls, terracotta pots, and cactus, this area never fails to brighten up even the most gloomy of moods. On the menu are some of the most delicious comfort foods you’ve ever tasted, as well as decent coffee, which is served in various brews and most likely by some bearded hipster.

There is no internet access so expect to take some time to relax and soak it all in. After the journey to get here, it’s a well-deserved reward.


Address: Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Timetable: M – F 8AM – 6PM, Sat – Sun 10AM – 6PM

Hot Coffee

2. Laie Libreria Café

This restaurant brings together the allure of literature and cuisine in a tranquil, inviting atmosphere. Nestling on the top floor of one of Barcelona’s most iconic bookshops, they also provide space for events and take-outs.

Laie Libreria Café offers the ideal fusion of culture and cuisine in a friendly and tranquil setting. With a covered patio and an indoor courtyard, this literary café in the Eixample area is the quintessential spot for a coffee or a snack at any time of day, making it one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona.

Classic Mediterranean cuisine inspired its menu with a modern twist. Two of the restaurant’s specialties are green rice with veggies and baked cod. Its lunch menu is also quite popular. In the afternoon, it transforms into a tea lounge complete with an enormous sweet selection. The establishment also rents out its spaces for various cultural events and even private festivities.


Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 85

Timetable:  Mon – Sat 10AM – 8:30PM

3. La Roseta

In addition to modern pastries such as cronuts, small snacks, smoothies, and exquisite coffee, La Roseta is a beach-front cafe and bakery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a tiny area, but it’s not always overcrowded, especially in the summer. It’s a nice place to get a quick lunch by the seaside and one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona in our opinion. 

La Roseta also offers organic and ecologically-sourced ingredients from local farms whenever possible. The restaurant also seeks to create a health-conscious environment that supports the local community.

Address: Carrer de Meer, 37

Timetable: Tue – Thurs 8AM -2:30PM , Fri – Sat 8AM – 6PM


4. Black Remedy

This coffee and deli café, which is just a few steps away from Gotico’s Plaça Sant Jaume, is a hidden gem in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Black Remedy has a strong interest in cuisine and specialty coffee, which shows in their work. The menu is tempting, offering various options such as healthful salads or sandwiches made with slow-smoked pork and other ingredients. They collaborate with local suppliers to deliver the most excellent food and goods to the bar.

The counter is brimming with enticing-looking cakes and pastries, perfect for rounding up your stay with a treat. And, of course, you can’t leave without a cup of coffee. The barista carefully prepares it and offers you a good dosage of caffeine.

Like the men, the aesthetic of Black Remedy evokes a sense of Americana style. In a fashionable New York City sort of manner. It’s a large, spacious pub with high windows that makes you feel like you’re still on the gothic street. There are metal chairs and concrete flooring, but plants and warmly colored touches give it a modern yet friendly feel. Additionally, there is a magazine section and two high tables for individuals who want to work while they’re there.


Address: Carrer de la Ciutat, 5,

Timetable: Mon – Sat 9AM – 7PM

5. Galeria Cosmo

The Cosmo is a hip, young spot perfect for a drink with good friends or a date just next to the Universitat Central.

Cosmo is one of Carrer d’Enric Granados’ best spots for those who love homemade desserts.  This magnificent fusion of art museums and café is a pioneering enterprise in the Nordic bar trend, which appeared in Barcelona around four years ago.

In this one-of-a-kind space in the heart of Barcelona, you can listen to relaxing music and enjoy a drink in an environment with a meticulous decoration of stools with prints, leather sofas, and unique lamps that blend in perfectly with the gallery’s photographs, making it one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona.


Address: Carrer d’Enric Granados, 3

Timetable: Mon – Sat 10AM – 8PM

Coffee In Town

6. Café El Magnífico

Besides its lovely location, Magnifico offers a superb assortment of coffees from across the world, as well as an educated staff that can provide you with information on each of the coffees they sell. 

However, as with many of the best coffee shops in Barcelona, they do not provide seats. If you want to stick around and enjoy your coffee, schedule a visit on a weekend when their sibling shop and education space, El Mag, is open in a charming boutique location just across the block.

At both stores, you can enjoy a selection of espresso-based beverages or filter-based techniques as well as Cafè Fred, a local brew created from Magnifico’s coffee. If you have the chance, some favorites are Kenya Nyeri, Colombia Colamina, or Ethiopian Chelbesa.


Address: Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64

Timetable: Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

7. Nømad Coffee

There is hardly any article of the best coffee shops in Barcelona that does not include Nomad. And there’s a reason for this. When third-wave coffee was still in its infancy in the city, this café exposed the idea that coffee could be so much more than a bitter brew masked with copious amounts of milk and sugar. The burgeoning business now has three locations – Nomad Every Day, Nomad Coffee Lab, and Nomad Roaster’s Home – as well as a devoted fanbase.

Nomad, a prominent coffee shop in the heart of Barcelona, supplies coffee to other cafes and offers superb coffee in their cafe. The baristas are quite informative. They measure out each cup of coffee individually and have a poster with various coffee tastes to assist you in deciding what to get. 

They provide various beverages, from hand pours to cold brews to coffee-lemonade combinations and small-batch espressos. This gives you a variety of possibilities making this shop one of the top contenders for the best cafe in Barcelona.


Address: Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64,

Timetable: Mon – Sat 9AM – 8PM

Author’s Note

The best coffee shops in Barcelona are genuinely impressive. Even if you’re just visiting the city for a couple of days, having coffee and learning more about the coffee culture of Barcelona at one of these places is a must-do. 

Do your research online and in Barcelona to find out what specialty coffees the cafes are best known for. If you don’t know your taste, a barista will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. 

The coffee culture in Barcelona is superb, and there are plenty of places to visit if you like coffee. Whether it’s getting to know Barcelona through its cafe culture or trying a new beverage that is a little out of the ordinary, doing so will make your trip even more memorable.

Let us share more Barcelona travel guides with you that are sure to be helpful to you on future trips. 

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