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Barcelona in 2 days

Barcelona in 2 Days: Top Places to Visit When Time Is Limited

by Christian Petzold - updated January 10, 2022

Barcelona has always been a super attractive destination for travelers looking for the perfect getaway.

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular cities with outstanding cultural landmarks, beaches, nightlife, and shopping. There are many reasons people love visiting this beautiful city again and again.

Barcelona has something for everyone – exciting outdoor activities, vibrant festivals and parties, delicious food, and wine. 

So you’re planning to stay in Barcelona for two days? Well, good news! We have just the article for you. 

With this list, you’ll be able to make the most of your two-day stay in this fantastic European destination! The diversity of things to do in Barcelona is excellent. This Barcelona in 2 days guide aims to help you decide what to see during the limited time you have in Barcelona.

The Best of Barcelona in 2 Days

Once you arrive in this fabulous city you will see its historic buildings from your hotel room but, of course, you’re not going to hang out there all day – you’re an adventurer! So what should you do? How can you make the best of your two-day stay? 

We are going to inspire and encourage you to explore more of this beautiful city with a rich culture and a welcoming atmosphere. We want your short stay here to be as impressive as possible, so please read on. If you’ve never been here before and you’re planning a brief visit, you’ll love this piece of advice.

Barcelona in 2 Days: First Day

La Rambla 

La Rambla 1

La Rambla is a 1.2 kilometers long pedestrian street. It follows the contours of medieval city walls, and as a result, it is one of the straightest avenues in all of the meandering alleyways of the old gothic city.

Today, Las Ramblas is filled with street artists, tourists, and Barcelona’s most recognizable structures, such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Columbus Monument.

See what is best to do on La Rambla, Barcelona’s famous street.

La Boqueria

La Boqueria 1

While the current La Boqueria structure was completed in the 1850s, a market has been operating on this location since the 1200s, making it Barcelona’s oldest and most well-known market. The market sells a variety of fruits, meats, cheeses, bread, and desserts. A visit to La Boquería is a must for foodies!

Upon entering, you will encounter hundreds of stalls selling fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, poultry, cheeses of all shapes and sizes, the bread of every flavor imaginable, and sausages of every taste imaginable too. 

If you are undecided what to get, ask one of the local shoppers who usually know their way around this labyrinthine market.

La Barceloneta Beach

La Barceloneta Beach

Following a visit to the Las Ramblas and the Mercat Market (La Boqueria), the beach at La Barceloneta is the next stop on our itinerary of what to see in Barcelona in 2 days!

For a good reason, La Barceloneta is Barcelona’s most famous beach, and it’s easy to see why… Awaiting you are glistening white sand and turquoise waves! On a hot summer day, when the sun is shining, and the ocean temps are just right, hundreds of beachgoers throng to this location, especially on the weekends.

Numerous beach cafes and restaurants line the promenade, making it one of the most incredible spots in Barcelona to have a seafood meal accompanied by a cold drink of Cerveza or sangria at an affordable price.

If you’re not up for dining at a seaside restaurant, I recommend picking up some snacks and beverages on your way down to Barceloneta Beach and then finding a spot on the sand to spend the afternoon.

Barcelona in 2 days: Day Two

Palau Güell

Palau Guell Barcelona 1

Barcelona has several green spaces, but one of the nicest is Palau Güell, another creation of Antoni Gaud, whose home is located within the park. The park itself is free; however, admission to the “Monumental Area” is not.

This area is frequently crowded with people who come to relax on the tiled seats and take in the panoramic views of the metropolis. If you wish to avoid waiting in line, there are Passes available that include free and priority access as part of the price of the Pass.

Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia 1

Almost a century after Antoni Gaudi passed away. This church is still unfinished. There is no actual timeline for its completion; perhaps that makes it so appealing to visitors?

Construction on the Sagrada Familia began in 1882, and even though Antoni Gaudi lived for over 40 years, it was still a work in progress. The work of Gaudi is instantly recognizable, and there are several other Gaudi structures worth visiting, but this is the one that rises out from the rest because of its uniqueness.

It undoubtedly divides opinion, and some believe it is pretty ugly, but every tourist to Barcelona must see it for themselves and change their mind.

Explore the ever-evolving masterpiece of Sagrada Familia.

Casa Batlló 

Casa Batllo Barcelona 2

Not far from Sagrada Familia lies Gaudi’s twisting Casa Batlló, another of his one-of-a-kind creations and a must when visiting Barcelona in 2 days.

Casa Batlló is home to many exhibitions and shows. You can even take a guided tour through the building with an expert who will share information about the architecture and history of this iconic building. 

Besides Tours, there are also art-related events at the Casa Batlló, which happen throughout the year.

Find out more about Casa Batlló, an amazing piece of art inspired by nature and marine life.

Placa Reial

Placa Reial

Placa Reial is a square in Barcelona, located in the Barri Gotic neighborhood. It’s a good spot to go shopping and discover unique souvenirs from Barcelona. On the other hand, if you are here to party you can join one of Barcelona’s famous street parties even if you’re only visiting Barcelona in 2 days. 

Also, Placa Reial is another option for a quiet day of people-watching. The fountain in the center of the square and the two massive unique light posts created by Gaud, among his first commissioned works, can be found here. At the bottom of each is a plate that has the names of the designer.

Plaza de Catalunya

Plaza De Catalunya

Last but not least, Plaza de Catalunya is the last stop of our 2 day Barcelona trip. It’s in the center of Barcelona, so it’s regarded as one of the largest squares you can find in this city.

Plaza de Catalunya features a big water fountain as its centerpiece, surrounded by retail businesses, restaurants, pubs, metro stations, and so much more.

It’s the perfect meeting place to begin or end your travels in Barcelona and an excellent site for breakfast, lunch, or supper!

Information to Know for Your 2-Day Barcelona Itinerary

What is the best time of year or season to visit Barcelona?

There’s no right or wrong time to visit Barcelona; it all comes down to personal preference. Visit spring for fewer people compared to summer, but be aware of the occasional April drizzle.

Go to Barcelona in May and June, when temperatures average 23c and 27c, to enjoy pleasant weather. Also, there are good festivals to attend, such as Verbena de Sant Joan and Sónar, a music and technology event. However, this is also the peak time of year for tourists.

Autumn may be an excellent time to come due to the pleasant weather (19c-27c in September and 15c-22c in October) and fewer crowds once schools resume, but keep in mind that September and October are the rainiest time of the year.

Winter in Barcelona is mild, with temperatures averaging 8c to 14c in December. This is also the time when the La Mercè festival takes place, and Christmas Markets put people in the festive spirit. Winter temperatures range from 5c to 13c in January, while temperatures in February range from 8c to 15c with minimal rain.

How to get from and to Barcelona’s airports?

The Barcelona El Prat International Airport is located 13 kilometers from the city center. The airport has two terminals and direct flights from a variety of locations across the world.

Airport Shuttle bus: The cheapest way to reach Barcelona city center is by taking the Airport shuttle bus. The journey will take approximately 35 minutes, and the cost is 5.90 Euros for one way and 10.20 euros for the round trip.

Taxis: Taxis are available right outside the airport and cost at least 30 euros. The average journey is about 30 minutes depending on traffic, and we would recommend hiring a taxi for this journey if you have a lot of luggage to get directly to your hotel room rather than traveling from bus or rail stops with heavy loads.

Train: You can also ride a train every 30 minutes with the journey taking around 18 minutes, costing you at least 6.30 euros one way.

Metro: The airport has a metro link that connects both terminals.

How to get around Barcelona?

While you can easily explore the Old Town on foot (if you’re staying in the Gothic Quarter), you’ll want to take public transportation to La Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell (both of which are close to each other), and Barcelona beach. Not only to save your poor feet from the 30 minutes to 1-hour walk but to make the best out of your time when visiting Barcelona in 2 days.

Barcelona’s public transportation system is large and simple to navigate. The metro, which has eight lines, is the most convenient mode of transportation for tourists. Another option for sightseeing is the hop-on-hop-off bus, which will take you to all of Barcelona’s top destinations with either a 24hr or 48 hr pass without the need to navigate the best directions. Of course, if you need to get from A to B quickly, you can always hire a taxi from any location in the city.

Author’s Note

Barcelona in 2 days’ offer worth of sightseeing without having a lot of time or wandering from place to place. It’s quick to get lost in the labyrinth of Barcelona’s old town, yet the sheer beauty and energy of this place make it hard to leave. The city offers you an experience like no other, and there’s no way you won’t fall in love with it! 

The people of Barcelona are friendly and helpful, speak some English (and some French) and are more than pleased to help you plan your travel. That said, if you’re new to this city or visiting Barcelona for your first time, it’s wise to arrange a private guide with one of the tour companies. We hope you enjoy your travels! 

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