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Barcelona Tipping

Barcelona Tipping Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

by Christian Petzold - updated November 29, 2023

Are you planning a trip to Spain? Are you unsure of the local tipping etiquette? Fret not! For the sake of both of us, I’ve done this roundabout to understand the local Spanish tipping culture.

Barcelona’s tipping systems are similar to Lisbon, Rome, and Paris.

Tipping is a way for locals and internationals to show their gratitude towards hardworking service providers. While it’s unnecessary, tips are becoming more and more common in Barcelona, especially for tourists.

Barcelona Tipping

Like those in the rest of Europe, service employees in Barcelona are given a monthly wage and do not rely on tips to make ends meet. According to 2019 statistics, the average restaurant worker in Barcelona earns at least €25,232 per year.

This is much more than what employees in nearby Portugal earn each month, but it is also crucial to realize that the cost of living in Spain is significantly greater than elsewhere in Iberia.

For this reason, restaurant workers in Barcelona are always willing to have their hard work and service recognized and appreciated. Due to the present economic circumstances, tourists are typically the only ones who tip in Barcelona. A local will practically never tip at a place where they eat regularly.

Bars in Barcelona

Tipping At Bars

Tipping at bars is a long-standing concept both in Barcelona and in Spanish tipping etiquette. When a waiter attends to your every need, tip him. Anything between 5 and 10 euros is appreciated. 

5 euros is a good tip for the bartenders. Additionally, you can tip the guards outside the pub. They are unflinching in handling the queue and are prepared to resolve unfavorable situations. Tipping them between two and three euros is an excellent idea. 

Restaurants in Barcelona

Tipping At Restaurant

Tipping at restaurants is a widely accepted practice in Spanish tipping etiquette. The bill will include a service charge representing the tip in most cases. The most common tip amount to leave is 10% of the total amount on your bill. If you wish to tip more, that’s great! You can give up to 15% extra.

Tourists can leave between 5-10% extra as a way of saying “Thank You” for an enjoyable experience. However, this is not necessary and is advised against unless you have had a genuinely outstanding experience with exceptional service. A tip of 5-10% extra is a sufficient amount for those who have had a satisfactory experience. If you have had a genuinely bad experience, do not tip at all.

Tipping the Delivery Boys 

Delivery Tipping

Delivery boys always have our backs on busy days. Whether pizza, groceries, medications, or internet orders, they’re just a phone call or click away. And they are always on time with their deliveries. A good tip is around 2 to 5 euros. 

If they make a mistake, they are usually willing to fix it at the earliest possible moment. The amount of money that you offer is not material to your decision. You can always give them only as much as you feel like paying for it as it is perfectly acceptable in the Spanish tipping etiquette. 

Tipping at Hotels in Barcelona

Tipping At Hotels

In hotels, tipping is considered proper etiquette as a gesture of appreciation. It’s an excellent technique to receive more attention or services from hotels or restaurants.

Luxury Hotels

In luxury hotels, it’s not uncommon to find a service charge on your bill. Like regular restaurants, where 10% is the typical tip, luxury hotels also have a 10% service fee. While this service fee already includes the gratuity, it is considerate of you to tip an additional 15% on top of it. With that said, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of the food or hospitality services at your hotel, do not tip. 

Low-budget Hotels

If the baggage boy, bellman, or room maid performs satisfactorily, tipping them 1-2 euros is acceptable in a low-cost hotel. Giving them a tip brightens up their day. A survey finds that tipping employees boosts their productivity and happiness.

Barcelona Tipping for Hotel Staff

The warmth of Barcelona’s hospitality is unmatched, and understanding Barcelona tipping etiquette for hotel staff can enhance this experience.

  • The Hotel Concierge: The invaluable assistance of a hotel concierge, from booking reservations to recommending activities, deserves acknowledgment. For such services, Barcelona tipping norms suggest a gratuity between five to ten euros accompanied by a sincere “gracias”.
  • Luggage Handling: For hotels that offer luggage assistance, Barcelona tipping etiquette recommends around 1€ per suitcase. Some establishments have tip boxes at check-out, where rounding up your bill and leaving the excess serves as a Barcelona tipping gesture for the dedicated staff.

Types of Services and Personnel

Several employees have full dedication to making your stay as comfortable as possible. The next section highlighted hotel services to leave tips for various services.

Here’s a good look at how much to tip someone:

Tipping Bellboys

Hotel employees like attendants can significantly appreciate your generosity as they receive very little compensation for their services. A generous tip of between 2 and 5 euros is excellent, but you can give more if you wish. 

Tipping the Concierge

Although concierges are not hotel employees, they provide invaluable services to guests. A generous tip of between 2 and 5 euros is excellent, but you can give more if you wish.

Tipping the Receptionist

Receptionists are responsible for your entire stay at the hotel. A generous tip of between 2 and 5 euros is excellent, but you can also give more if you wish.

Tipping the Housekeeping Staff

If you have a room with a view or view from your window, it might have its staff who cleans during your stay. If not, the housekeeping staff will clean your room every day and remove any waste products like towels or sheets before the next guest checks in.

Tipping the Hotel Maid

A hotel housekeeper’s work demands commitment and patience. Tipping them around 2 to 3 euros is greatly appreciated but not required in Spanish tipping etiquette.

Tipping in Cafes

Bars and Cafes are a daily routine for most people, especially students. The cafe, for many locals, is the most convenient place for a quick coffee. If you find yourself in this crowd, you’ll probably have to deal with Barcelona’s 1€ tip tradition.

In Barcelona cafes, it is customary to leave 1 or 2 euros as a tip after your coffee has been served. Many establishments give this service to their patrons as well. You may view tipping as unnecessary, but it’s nice to show your appreciation towards your server and the establishment itself. 

Tipping in Transport

Tipping on public transportation is not the same as tipping in restaurants or hotels. A minimal amount is sufficient to make the drivers happy. As said earlier, tipping is unusual among Barcelona residents. Usually, tourists are the ones leaving a tip. So if you are treated nicely on your trip, you may include a tip.


It’s unusual for locals to tip Taxi drivers in Barcelona. They often rush to catch your flight or make it to the company meeting on time. So, what is the finest tip you can give a taxi driver? You may, of course, round up the fare as a tip. Alternatively, they’d be grateful for a 50 cents to 2 euros tip.

Taxi Tipping

Private Cab Drivers

Most visitors to Barcelona hire a private taxi for sightseeing. Tipping them at the end of your trip is courteous. You can give the cab drivers 5 to 10 euros for their all-day service.

Tipping Private Tour Guides

Tour guides well-versed in history and culture beautifully described all the locations. Because their income is primarily seasonal, essential tipping etiquette is appreciated. A gratuity of 5 to 10 euros is appropriate for a group of four. If there are more than four persons, a 10 to 15 euros bonus is sufficient.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers are often asked to take tourists from one place to another. They are also the ones who constantly remind you about the time remaining until your departure or if you need to purchase a ticket for your next destination. A few euros apiece will suffice if they have done an excellent job.

Tipping at Airport

Are you traveling into or out of Barcelona-El Prat Airport Josep Tarradellas? You might want assistance with your bags or instructions to the airports. For the help with your luggage, they will appreciate a tip of 1 to 2 euros. However, five dollars is generous for an unexpectedly hearty service for your troubles. 

Cash vs. Card

When discussing Barcelona tipping practices in restaurants, the debate between using cash or a card is paramount. In the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant dining scene, the method you choose can make a difference.

  • Using Cash for Tips: Barcelona tipping in cash is often considered the most direct way to appreciate the service. Always remember to tip in euros, ensuring your service providers avoid unnecessary currency exchange fees. Once the waiter provides your change, that’s the ideal time for Barcelona tipping.
  • Paying with a Card: When settling the bill with a card, you might ponder over Barcelona tipping using the same mode. You can tip with a credit card, but ensure the tip gets added as they process your payment. Given there’s no specific space on credit card receipts for a tip, clear communication becomes essential. However, a caveat to Barcelona tipping with a card is that it might sometimes benefit the owner and not the actual staff, prompting many to lean towards cash tips. 

Barcelona Tipping: The Unwritten Rule

While Barcelona tipping isn’t as strictly defined as in some cities, a general guideline can be helpful. The rule of thumb in Barcelona tipping states that the more touristy or upscale a venue, the higher the expectation of a tip. So, in plush establishments or prime tourist attractions, remember that Barcelona tipping is more than a mere gesture—it’s a customary appreciation.

What Are Tips Called in Spain? 

The word is “propina” (pronounced: pro-pee-nah), which is the common term used in Spain. Propinas are considered part of what you pay at the end of your meal. Unlike some countries, they are usually not automatically added to your bill unless there is a service charge.

If the service was exceptional, it might be called “una propina gruesa” (“a big tip”), which you would then want to say something like “le voy a dar una buena propina” (I will give you a good tip).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you know?

A fun fact about tipping etiquette in Barcelona is that there is no specific word for “tip” in the Catalan language, which is widely spoken in Catalonia, including Barcelona. Instead, when locals want to refer to a tip, they often use the word “propina,” which is borrowed from Spanish. This showcases the multicultural nature of Barcelona, where both Catalan and Spanish languages and customs coexist. So, when leaving a tip in Barcelona, you’ll often hear or see the word “propina” used to refer to gratuities.

Author’s Note

Whenever you may be wondering about Spanish tipping etiquette, keep this standard in mind: Reward excellent service but not poor service. The amounts are often lower than in the United States, but the more you give them, the happier they will be.

Gratuities are not expected but are welcomed. Any gratuity should be regarded as sufficient (if someone is unhappy with it, it is their issue, not yours!) Still, it is also acceptable not to tip. If you do not tip and one feels that they deserve a tip, there is no need to feel offended. It is their choice, not yours.

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5 thoughts on “Barcelona Tipping Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

  1. Your explanation regarding tipping is much appreciated. We are busy planning our trip and with our currency being much devalued against the Euro, Dollar and Pound, it is good to know that a small tip will be appreciated in Spain.

    1. Hi Charmaine, Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad I could assist you in your trip planning. You’re absolutely right—showing a small tip is a thoughtful gesture of appreciation in Spain and will be well-received by the service providers. Enjoy your trip, and may it be filled with wonderful experiences! 🇪🇸✨🌞

    1. Hi Sandra, You’re welcome! Barcelona in September is a fantastic choice. I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time exploring the city. If you have any more questions or need further advice while planning or during your trip, feel free to reach out. Have a wonderful and memorable journey in Barcelona! 🇪🇸✈️🌞

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I asked about tipping and was told to start at 15% which for a tour price of $411 would amount to around $62 US. Knowing that is really not the expected tour amount helps so much with my budget planning.

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