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Barcelona Carnival Parade In February

Barcelona in February: A Vibrant Trip for Love and Making Memories

by Christian Petzold - updated January 26, 2022

February, the month of love, should be celebrated through colorful festivals, fun events, and of course, walking along with romantic cityscapes. Thus, the city of Barcelona is the perfect location for your love-themed holidays.

Read further as we talk about why bringing your loved ones to visit Barcelona in February will be truly memorable. We will also be talking about festivals, events, and attractions that you can enjoy while visiting Barcelona….

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Barcelona in February: A Quiet Time Suited For Bonding With Loved Ones

Whether it’s a trip with your family or your romantic partner, a successful getaway needs to be stress-free, enjoyable, and unforgettable. Barcelona in February has all of that.

Visiting the city of Barcelona in February is stress-free because it is not the peak season. Not visiting in peak season means you will get to enjoy all of Barcelona’s beauty due to fewer tourists on the streets. The budget in your wallet will also be less stressed due to the lower prices for your food, accommodations, hotels, tickets, and other events.

Barcelona Street With Traffic In Old Center - Barcelona in February
Take a stroll through the center of historic Barcelona

You’ll surely enjoy the Barcelona celebrations and festivals during February. Expect colorful parades, upbeat music, acrobatics, and dancing giants. There are also music concerts, workshops, and other fun activities that we will later discuss in detail.

Lastly, you surely won’t forget the picturesque scenes while walking along the streets of Barcelona. The feeling of being with your loved ones while walking along the architectural wonders in Barcelona is pure bliss.

How warm is the Weather in Barcelona in February?

The Barcelona weather in February can be erratic. The ambient temperature can range from 6 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. So to be sure, make sure to bring your winter clothes and boots to keep warm. And an umbrella as well, because there’s a chance of rainfall.

The Cathedral Of The Holy Cross And St Eulalia - Barcelona in February
Feel blessed after attending a mass in Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona In February: Meaningful Festivals To Celebrate

Santa Eulàlia Festival: Barcelona’s Grand Children’s Festival

Santa Eulàlia Festival or La Laia Festival is celebrated on the 7th to 12th February. The festival honors one of the two patrons of Barcelona, Saint Eulàlia. The other patron being La Mercè, which is celebrated in September.

People Celebrating Outside The Cathedral Of Santa Eulalia
Join hands and celebrate with the crowd on Saint Eulàlia’s day

According to stories, a young girl named Eulàlia was a believer in Jesus Christ. But the emperor at that time, Diocleciano, ordered the destruction of all Christian churches and wanted all the Christians to adopt Roman traditions and beliefs instead. 

Eulàlia, who was 13 at that time, condemned Dacian, the governor in charge of Barcino (name of Barcelona at that time), for their persecution on Christians. Due to Eulàlia’s defiance, she was subjected to 13 gruesome tortures and sentenced to death by beheading. According to the stories, when she was beheaded, a white dove flew from her head, and a snowstorm covered her body.

Eulalia’s death on February 12 became known as Saint Eulàlia’s day and was celebrated by the Catalans until today’s time. Santa Eulàlia Festival is widely known as a children’s festival due to Eulàlia dying at the early age of 13. So if you’re planning to bring your kids along, make sure not to miss this festival.

The festival will start on February 7 by a speech about children’s rights and will be followed by fun activities for kids. From February 7 to February 11, there will be parades of giants, correfocs (fire runs), Castellers, and human towers. There will also be special events for kids like puppet shows, concerts, talks, and family workshops.

On February 12, Saint Eulàlia’s day will be kicked off by a flag-raising ceremony in the morning followed by a speech called “pregó de Santa Eulàlia” or “the sequence of Saint Eulàlia. It’s a prose that tells the story of Eulàlia. The festival will end in the evening marked by the dance of the ‘giants’ and offering of flowers to Saint Eulàlia.

Barcelona Carnival: Imbibing the Spirit of Joy through Merrymaking

Held before Ash Wednesday, the Barcelona Carnival is a city-wide joyous occasion in February filled with things like masquerade parties, parades, and fun events to participate in. The celebration date in February for the Carnival changes each year, because it depends upon the lunar calendar.

La Taronjada During The Barcelona Carnival - Barcelona in February
Take part in the festivities of the colorful Barcelona Carnival

The origin of the festival is unclear. Some say its origin is an old festival that honors the beginning of a new year or the rebirth of nature. Some say it has a connection to ancient Rome’s Saturnalia festival. Whatever the origin is, Barcelona’s Carnival is something that you and your loved one will surely enjoy.

The word carnival origin is possibly derived from the Latin phrase “carnem levare,” which literally means “meat remove.” This meaning matches the Carnival’s timing since it takes place before the 40 days of lent, which requires an ascetic way of life that includes fasting, abstinence, and meditation.

The Parade Of The Carnival King At Barcelona
Meet the Carnival King and enjoy his colorful entourage during the parade

The Barcelona Carnival event will be officially started by the arrival of the Carnival King and the seven ambassadors: Gràcia, Sant Martí, Sants, Horta, Sant Andreu, Sarrià, and Sant-Gervasi. The Carnival King symbolizes the spirit of joy and merriment during the whole festival. In comparison, the seven ambassadors represent the old villages that were grouped together to form Barcelona.

So dress up with your loved ones in masquerades and enjoy the many events and activities of the Carnival throughout the city of Barcelona.

Chinese New Year: Fusion Festival of Barcelona and China

A Parade During Chinese New Year In Barcelona
Dance along with the parade of Chinese dragons on the streets of Barcelona

You might be curious that there is a celebration for the Chinese New Year in Barcelona. The reason for having an occasion is because of the large population of Chinese people in Spain. There is an estimated number of around 70,000 Chinese people living in Barcelona. There’s even a Chinatown in Barcelona where you can eat Chinese dishes and buy Asian goods.

But there’s really nothing to complain about since we get to experience an annual celebration of the Chinese New Year every February. The Chinese New Year festival fully displays the Chinese culture. The celebration is a cooperative effort of the Chinese community, the city government, and other volunteers who want to participate. 

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated by a parade on a route that starts at the park of Estación del Note to Arc de Triomf. The parade procession is made up of things like Chinese dragons, Catalan dragons, giants, human towers, music, dancers, percussionists, and martial arts exhibitions. The parade will end with an impressive fireworks show. 

Barcelona In February: Fun Events To Join In

Aside from the traditional festivals that you can enjoy during your February stay in Barcelona. There are other events listed below that you should participate in.

Winter Sale: Barcelona Shopping Spree and Food Tour

Your holiday in Barcelona in February won’t be complete without a shopping spree and food tour. February is the last month of the Barcelona sale, so you should grab all that you can get.

Passeig de Gràcia, one of the most prominent shopping districts in Barcelona, has many top fashion brands that are on sale. They have designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hermes. We also highly recommend trying the hot chocolate or coffee of Faborit Casa Amatller while in Passeig de Gracia.

If you are looking at cheaper brands, then you can go to Portal de Angel. You’ll be finding brands like H&M, Mango, Zara, and Kiabi. There are also great restaurants and cafes that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Zara Store On Passeig De Gracia
Shop and take advantage of the February sale

You can also go to Port Vell’s El Maremagnum mall. The harbor mall has both international and local fashion shops that you can check out. There are also beauty boutiques where you can grab your skincare needs for a low price. We also highly recommend visiting the Barcelona Aquarium in Maremagnum to discover unique marine species endemic in the Meditteranean.

Festival Llum BCN

Torre Agbar Tower Illuminated At Night of Llum BCN Festival
Prepare to be amazed as the light festival lights up Barcelona

You and your loved ones would be in for a treat if you chose to stay in Barcelona in February. Festival Llum BCN is an annual light show held in February. They light up the streets of Poblenou with the intent to reimagine the streets of Barcelona. The public exhibition will challenge your visual sensory and spatial awareness by making you perceive new sensations and things using programmed lights.

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

A Passionate Flamenco Show In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes
Treat your eyes and ears to passionate flamenco shows in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a fabulous flamenco show that you and your loved ones will enjoy, you better check Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. Their flamenco shows are intimate and authentic due to their hall design which has warm and pleasant acoustics. The flamenco show features artists that play and dance without microphones and special lighting.  

Barcelona In February: Lovely Walks To Remember

Of course, February will not be complete without memorable walks on beautiful sights and sceneries. During your stay in the city of Barcelona in February, be sure to visit these attractions. Cherish each step while admiring the scenes, and be sure to take photos along the way to commemorate your lovely trip.

La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona’s Architectural Masterpiece

La Sagrada Familia The Cathedral Designed By Gaudi
Feel the passion of Christ when you visit La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece church by renowned architect Antoni Gaudi and Barcelona’s most famous attraction. Experiencing the exterior and interior of the towering cathedral is truly breathtaking and unforgettable. 

Take a slow walking tour along the three facades of the La Sagrada Familia. Its architecture was designed to memorialize three specific moments of Christ’s life: birth, passion, and bliss. The interior of La Sagrada Familia is equally beautiful as it is on the outside. We recommend that you and your loved ones visit the cathedral at noon to enjoy the light show that the cathedral mosaic brings.

Park Güell: Vibrant Mosaic Park

Park Guells Beautiful Colonnade
Take incredible photos and selfies in Park Guell

Park Güell is one of the prominent landmarks of Barcelona that was designed by the master architect Gaudi. It is an architectural masterpiece that combines nature’s beauty and the vibrant mosaic tiles of the park structures. A lovely walk in Park Güell will be truly memorable for you and your loved ones. So be sure to visit Park Güell on your February trip to Barcelona.

Arc de Triomf: Welcome To Barcelona

Barcelonas Arc De Triomf
Take a gander at the grandeur of Arc De Triomf

One of Barcelona’s iconic landmarks, Arc de Triomf, was made to welcome visitors to the 1888 Universal Exhibitions that were held in Parc de la Ciutadella. Josep Vilaseca designed it. This landmark stands out due to its location being the entrance to Passeig de Sant Joan and its distinct color due to being built from red bricks. You and your loved ones will surely appreciate the design and, most importantly, take pictures as well.

Barcelona Zoo: Wildlife Educational Activities

Barcelona Zoo In Parc De La Ciutadella
Learn more about animal conservation through activities at Barcelona Zoo

Located in Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona Zoo is home to many animal and plant species. The Barcelona zoo is committed to the conservation of wildlife and the biodiversity of the planet. That’s why they have educational programs for both children and adults. There are a lot of fun outdoor activities as well, so you can learn more about wildlife. So during your February stay in Barcelona, visiting the Barcelona Zoo is a must.

Poble Espanyol: A Glimpse of the Past

Main Square Of Poble Espanyol Museum
Ready your detective glasses and find the historical secrets of Poble Espanyol

Your February tour with your loved ones should definitely include Poble Espanyol. An architectural museum that was once a precinct and internment camp for prisoners. The walking tour includes an audio guide that will tell you the historical details and the deep secrets of Poble Espanyol. There are other things to do as well, like puzzle-solving games or crafting workshops.

Barri Gotic: The Old City Center of Barcelona City

Barri Gotic Of Barcelona The Old City Center Of Barcelona
Walking along Barri Gotic is like traveling back to the past

Barri Gothic or the Gothic Quarter is a historically rich area in Barcelona. It was previously the city center of medieval Barcelona. Thus, you can find many remains from old Roman structures along your tour, including some famous ones like Carrer del Bisbe and Sant Felip Neri’s Square. Be sure to bring a good camera with you to get a shot of the best locations with your loved ones.


Although the weather in February is unpredictable, your trip to Barcelona will still be memorable for you and your loved ones. Things like colorful festivals, fun events, and relaxing walks will indeed fill your February stay in the city of Barcelona.

So book with us and visit Barcelona in February!

Let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you, so leave a reply or comment down below.

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