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Barcelona In April - Clay Tennis Court In The City Of Barcelona

Barcelona In April: A Pleasant Spring Holiday

by Christian Petzold - updated October 4, 2020

If you’re looking for a travel destination for your April holidays, then you need to consider going to the city of Barcelona. The city is definitely one of the best spring destinations in Europe, you don’t want to miss it!

In the month of April, Barcelona has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. Barcelona’s colorful festivals, fun events, and amazing attractions await you.

Read further as we talk about visiting Barcelona in April in detail. 

Barcelona In April: The Last Leg Before Peak Season

The month of April is the last month before the peak season of Barcelona starts. So if you are a person who minds the crowd, then you should visit Barcelona in April. This way, you can have a more quiet and meaningful time while staying in the city.

Few Tourists In The Streets Of Barcelona In April
Expect a few number of tourists in Barcelona during April

Another reason for visiting Barcelona in April is the weather. Spring weather is in full bloom; thus, the climate is just right. Thus, your walks and sightseeing in the city will be delightful.

If you love the beach, then April is just the right time to visit. The fusion of April weather and the warmth of the beach water is enjoyable. So make sure you bring your swimsuit and sunscreen along.

If you need more reasons, then read further below for the list of fun events and sights in Barcelona that you can experience during your April stay.

Barcelona In April: Meaningful Festivals To Celebrate

Semana Santa: The Sacrifice of Jesus

The “Holy Week” or Semana Santa is an important festival not only in Barcelona but in Spain as well. It is not surprising since the Catholic religion is deeply rooted in the culture of Spain. Just by looking at the holidays in Spain, you’ll notice right away that almost all of it has religious origins. 

A Semana Santa Float Depicting Jesus While Carrying The Cross
See processions depicting the life of Jesus during Semana Santa

Semana Santa is done to mark the end of the Lenten season and the rising of Jesus from the dead. According to religious teachings, Jesus’ death and revival were necessary. Because the death of the “Messiah” will act as a ransom that will free humans from sins, being free from sins will make it possible to have eternal life in the future.

The week of Semana Santa starts during Palm Sunday with a parade after holding a church mass. This parade is called “La Borriquita” or little donkey. It is done to imitate how Jesus has entered Jerusalem riding a small donkey. On the streets of Barcelona, you will see people holding palm leaves. It replicates the Biblical story in which people welcomed Jesus with palm leaves when he entered Jerusalem.

During Good Friday, there will be parades. The parades have floats depicting scenes using statues of Jesus Christ. Each scene shows the passion of Christ through different settings like “Jesus carrying his cross.” The parade also has musicians and clergymen.

A Float Depicting Jesus On The Cross During The Semana Santa Procession
Take this time to remember the sacrifice of Jesus

On Easter Sunday and Monday, a mass will be held in cathedrals and followed by a parade. The parades are joyous ones. The sequence of floats shows Jesus’ death to his resurrection. 

For family-friendly events, there are special programs for kids in different locations during Semana Santa. Some of the special events’ spots are the Barcelona Aquarium, Barcelona Zoo, and Poble Espanyol. 

There are also foods that you should also try during Holy Week. The first one is the cake sold during Semana Santa called “La Mona de Pascua.” Second is the Barcelona cod. Last is the “pestinos.” It is a deep-fried pastry glazed with honey and sugar.

Sant Jordi Day: Catalonia’s Valentine’s Day

Stalls That Sell Books And Roses During Sant Jordi Day In Barcelona
Give your loved ones a rose or book during Sant Jordi Day In Barcelona

In Barcelona, Valentine’s day is not much celebrated because of Sant Jordi Day. The Day of Sant Jordi is an annual celebration that takes place every April 23. 

Sant Jordi or Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia. According to the stories, Saint George has fought and slain a dragon that was tormenting a princess and a kingdom. When the dragon died, dainty red roses came out of its body. Saint George then gave one of the red roses to the dainty princess.

After slaying the dragon, the king rewarded Saint George with riches. The patron saint George did not accept and requested to give it to the citizens of the kingdom. Due to this selfless act, a church was built to honor the deeds of Saint George. 

Bands Playing During Sant Jordi Day In Barcelona
Enjoy the live performances of bands and artists during Sant Jordi Day

That is why on Saint George’s day, lovers and couples are encouraged to exchange gifts with one another. Expect to see shops along the streets selling flowers, books, and other items that can be gifted. 

Aside from gift-giving to your partner, Saint George’s Day is a day for walking around in the city. The famous streets like Passeig de Gracia, Passeig de Sant Joan, La Rambla, and Rambla de Catalunya are filled with romantic activities, recitals, and workshops. The famous tourist spots like Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens, and Palau Güell are also decorated with red roses. Aside from that, you will also be seeing dancers and Castellers while walking along the city streets.

Barcelona In April: Fun Events To Join And Watch

Feria de Abril: The Andalusian Fair

Known as the second largest Spring Fair in Spain, Feria de Abril is celebrated every year during April. Feria de Abril was started in Barcelona by the immigrants from Andalusia. Since this is an Andalusian festival, the Federation of Andalusian Cultural Entities in Catalonia (FECAC) is the one in charge of this event every year.

Fun Rides And Attractions During Feria De Abril
Have fun on the rides during Feria De Abril

The “feria” or fair is divided into two sections, the fairground and “casetas.”

The fairground is where you can find fun rides and attractions. One famous ride is the Ferris wheel, but there are other fun things like trampolines, carousels, and water rides. So if you are bringing your kids along, you need to attend this event.

The “casetas” is the section of the fair where you can find many marquee tents. The sponsors make these tents for the events. Each “caseta” has varying featured events like free musical concerts, dance shows, and free foods.

To blend in just right in the fair, make sure to wear traditional Spanish clothes. For the men, It is the “traje de corto.” For the women, it is the “faralaes.”

Barcelona Open: Clay Court Tennis

Spanish Tennis Player Rafael Nadal In Barcelona Open
Feel the thrill of Barcelona Open as superstar Rafael Nadal plays tennis

The Barcelona Open is an annual male tennis competition that takes place in the last month of April. This tennis event started in the year 1953 and has continued until today.

Watching in the Barcelona Open will be thrilling as you watch the big names in tennis play. Professional players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori, and Dominic Thiem. To be able to attend this event, make sure that you have a ticket bought.

Firra de la Terra: Barcelona’s Eco-Fair

The city of Barcelona highly values the conservation of Earth. That’s why aside from the annual observance of Earth Day on April 22, the city government has added a two-day eco-fair. The date of the eco-fair is the closest weekend to April 22.

The venue for the eco-fair is at Parc de la Ciutadella and Passeig Lluís Companys. You can find many eco-friendly products at the fair. And if you plan on taking your kids with you, they can participate in the fair’s fun activities and workshops.

Flamenco Barcelona: Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

Flamenco Show In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes
Feel the warmth and intimacy as you watch flamenco shows

Visiting Barcelona is never complete without watching a great flamenco show. That is why we recommend watching the flamenco show in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. The acoustic design of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes makes it feel more intimate and authentic. 

Barcelona In April: Breathtaking Attractions To Explore

La Sagrada Familia: A Masterpiece Inspired By Nature

The Majestic La Sagrada Familia Of Barcelona
See up close the grandeur of La Sagrada Familia

A masterpiece cathedral by renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, La Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s most famous attraction. When you visit Barcelona in April, make sure to not miss out on experiencing the cathedral for yourself.

Immerse yourself in the three facades of the La Sagrada Familia. Each facade was designed to capture the important moments of Christ’s life: birth, passion, and bliss. 

The Interior Of La Sagrada Familia
The interior design of La Sagrada Familia will surely dazzle you

Stepping inside the cathedral is like entering a new dimension. The cathedral’s interior will dazzle you – from the light show of the mosaic windows to the columns and beams’ intricate natural design.

Park Güell: A Colorful Mosaic Park by Gaudi

Park Guell Is A Public Mosaic Park Of Barcelona
Get your cameras ready for a photoshoot in Park Guell

One of the famous tourist spots in Barcelona is Park Güell. It is one of the works by Antoni Gaudi. 

Your April trip should include walking in Park Güell. The sight of greeneries will relax and delight you. At the same time, the intricate design of the park will leave you thinking.

Because of the park’s cultural value, UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site in 1984. You can find the park in the northern part of Carmel hill. 

Barri Gotic: The Old City Center

Barri Gotic Of Barcelona
Travel back in time as you walk along Barri Gotic in Barcelona

Commonly called the Gothic Quarter, Barri Gotic is Barcelona’s old center. While exploring the old Roman quarters, you will find old Roman structures and buildings. Carrer del Bisbe, one of the most iconic landmarks of the city, can be found here. 

Casa Vicens: Gaudi’s First Work

Casa Vicens One Of The First Work Of Gaudi
Take a tour of Casa Vicens and feel the flow of nature from room to room

Casa Vicens was the first big project of Gaudi. This project was initially built as a residential house of Manuel Vicens. Due to its cultural value, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 2005.

And as expected from Gaudi, Casa Vicens’ design takes great inspiration from nature. You will feel the flow of nature as you move from room to room. So when you take a trip to Barcelona in April make sure to visit Casa Vicens. 

Casa Battló: The House Of Bones

Casa Battlo In Barcelona
Take a tour to find out why Casa Battlo is named the “house of bones”

A house along Passeig de Gracia, Casa Batlló is one of architect Gaudi’s works. Some say the design looks like a dragon’s bones, while some argue that the house’s inspiration came from the sea. The facade being the corals and the roof are fish scales. Visit during your April trip to take a closer look and know for yourself.

La Colònia Güell: The Unfinished Church of Gaudi

The Church Of Colonia Guell
Discover the innovations of Gaudi as you explore Church Of Colonia Guell

A church designed by Antoni Gaudi, La Colònia Güell, is left incomplete due to the halted funding by Eusebi Guell. Make sure to include this in your April tour because it displays another one of Gaudi’s innovations. Due to its cultural value, the church of Colònia Güell was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Barcelona Zoo: An Institution For Wildlife Conservation

People Feeding The Penguins In Barcelona Zoo
Take part in the learning activities prepared by the Barcelona Zoo

Home to many animals and plants, Barcelona Zoo, is a must-visit on your April stay in Barcelona.

The zoo is committed to the conservation of wildlife. The programs and activities they have are both enjoyable and a great learning experience. Besides learning on paper, the zoo also has hands-on activities to teach you about the zoo’s animals.

L’Aquarium Barcelona: The Aquarium Under The Harbor

Aquarium Tunnel In Laquarium Barcelona
Get ready to be fascinated by the marine animals in Barcelona Aquarium

Located in Port Vell, L’Aquarium Barcelona is the best museum for marine animals in Europe. It is home to approximately 11,000 marine animals. 

So during your Barcelona in April trip, make time to visit the L’Aquarium Barcelona as it is both fun and a great learning experience.

Barceloneta Beach: Sands and Waters By The City

Barceloneta Beach During Spring
Catch the sun on Barceloneta Beach

Just a 15-minute walk from the city, you’ll find yourself within Barceloneta Beach. 

Barceloneta beach is well-loved by the Catalonians. Perhaps because it’s the oldest and closest beach. Or because it remains clean and safe despite being so close to the city.

Whatever the reason may be, remember to bring your swimsuits and sunscreens when you visit Barcelona in April. And tell us what is your favorite spring destination in Europe.

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With the lined-up festivals, events, and tourist spots, visiting Barcelona in April is worth it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip with us now for your April trip to Barcelona.

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