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Barcelona Olympic Museum

Olympic Barcelona: Experience Sport at Its Best

by Christian Petzold - updated December 15, 2021

The Olympic Barcelona Ring is a popular and exciting tourist attraction in Barcelona. Whether it’s to watch an Olympics-related event or take in the city’s unparalleled views, this location is a go-to place. 

Olympic Ring

The place was everything that I expected it to be and more. The views are breathtaking, the stadium is lovely, but there are some other exciting things about this place.

For instance, a museum here has all sorts of memorabilia from the 1992 Summer Olympics. It also displays photographs of famous athletes who have come out victorious in their games throughout history. It’s really cool to see! 

About the Barcelona Olympic Museum

The Barcelona Olympic and Sports Museum, located on the slopes of Montjuic hill near the historic 1992 Olympic Games facilities, is the city’s premier museum dedicated to the worlds of professional and amateur sports.  

The museum houses over 14,000 artifacts that were left behind after the Games ended. These include sports outfits, accreditations, medals, souvenirs, and other memorabilia from the 1992 Olympics. The museum also displays sports photographs of famous athletes to highlight their triumphs.

The Architecture of the Barcelona Olympic Museum

The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona were a watershed moment for the city, resulting in a significant economic boom and seminal architectural modifications. In 2005, the municipal council planned to build a museum that would embody the essence of Olympia and the athletic world as a whole. 

Olympic Museum Entrance

In the same year, architects Xavier Basiana and Toni Camps began the construction of the museum, which would be located near the Olympic Stadium. The Olympic and Sports Museum opened in 2007 to be the first of its type in Europe, with such adaptable modern technology and multimedia experiences.

Olympic Stadium Barcelona

The museum was dedicated after Joan Antoni Samaranch, who chaired the International Olympic Committee for almost 20 years, two months after his death in 2010.

Prices at Barcelona Olympic Museum

Regular museum admission costs €5.80 per person, while students pay €3.60. The museum is free for children under the age of seven and seniors over 65.

If you want to visit the museum with at least ten other people, the ticket per person will be reduced to €4.50 for adults and €3 for kids under 14.

Take note: The museum is free to visit on two days each year: May 18th, National Museum Day, and September 24th, La Mercè Day.

Best Time to Go and Experience Olympic Barcelona

You can go to the Olympic museum any time of the year. However, summer is the recommended time to visit this place due to the special activities and the festive environment you will find during these months.

The museum has various kinds of exhibits that are represented by several sports. When you enter the building, you get to see photos and memorabilia from famous athletes. The Barcelona Olympic Museum is unique and you will find many fascinating things to learn about Barcelona’s sports History!

How to Get There?

By Metro: L1 and L3, Plaça de Espanya.

By Buses: 50, 55, 61, 25, 193, 125

By Barcelona Bus Turistic: Blue Route from Pl. Catalunya or Pl. Espanya

By Funicular de Montjuïc: Change at metro station Paral·lel to get a lift with a cable car.

Interesting Facts for You

  • Did you know, when Barcelona was chosen to host the Olympic Games in 1986, the city underwent a complete overhaul. The countdown began for the construction of the Montjuic sports facilities, an Olympic Port that did not yet exist, an Olympic Village that would modernize an entire district, the expansion of the transportation network with two new terminals at Barcelona-El Prat airport, and the creation of main streets and hubs such as Plaça de Les Glòries Catalanes, Ronda del Litoral, and Ronda de Dalt. 
  • Did you know the Barcelona Olympics was the first to sell exclusive sponsorship for its television broadcasting rights? In 1991, NBC paid almost $400 million. This amount is over twice as much as the following highest amount ($160 million) paid for broadcast rights in Seoul in 1988. 
  • In 1992, at the Barcelona Olympics, 199 nations took part in the games, and 11,000 athletes competed across 227 events in 28 sports.

Author’s Note

Locals tip: The Olympic Ring is just beside the Joan Maragall Gardens and the Botanical Garden, so you may take a break there and relax while taking in everything nature has to offer.

So, where are you going this time? There’s so much to do when taking a trip to the Olympic Ring in Barcelona! 

Olympic Ring Barcelona 2

You can watch Olympics-related events or take in the views. The stadium is magical, and there are exciting things too, like a museum that has sports memorabilia from 1992. It also displays photos of famous athletes who have won their games throughout history. 

Still, looking for more things to do during your stay in Barcelona? Listed below are some of our guides that will surely help and allow you to experience the city at its best.

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