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Beautiful Montserrat Spain

Discover Montserrat Spain: How to Get Here and All the Amazing Things To See

by Christian Petzold - updated September 10, 2021

Montserrat Spain is located several miles away from the city of Barcelona, which can be reached by train, rental car, bus, or tour. It is a town with a monastery and a site that offers spectacular views of Catalonia. But with so many things to do, it might serve you to have a travel guide to Montserrat.

Travel Guide To Montserrat

Besides being an important religious site, Montserrat also offers other tourist attractions such as nature walks, hiking trails and rock climbing. Not just that, but there are many historical features you can explore on your visit here. In this travel guide to Montserrat, we’ll provide you with the information you need to plan your day trip to Montserrat.

Travel Guide To Montserrat, Spain

What Is Montserrat, Spain?

Montserrat is a multi-peaked mountain range located in the region of Catalonia. It was established in the 11th century, and it has many buildings with Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque styles.

This place attracts travellers worldwide because it offers great views of the surrounding mountains, medieval buildings, churches, or chapels. You can make a day trip to the small towns and villages around Montserrat. Then, you can visit the monastery that is located on top of the mountain.

Why Should You Take a Day Trip to Montserrat?

The mountain offers beautiful scenery and peace and serenity that will help with any mental health needs or emotional issues that people might be coming into from outside the country.

There are also plenty of trails for those who would like to go hiking throughout this region and some other outdoor activities that can be done like horseback riding or biking through the Montserrat area, which is a great experience. You also have the chance to visit the monastery on top of Montserrat. You will also get a great view of Barcelona and other Catalonian cities from this mountain.

How to Get to Montserrat?

Travelling to Montserrat from Barcelona is pretty straightforward. There are several alternatives for transportation; trains, buses, vehicle rentals, tours. 

By Train and Cable Car

Montserrat Cable Car

This is the quickest and most picturesque of the options. To get to Montserrat from Barcelona’s Plaça Espanya, take the R5 line to Aeri de Montserrat. A train ride takes one hour and costs €5.25 (6.21USD).

For the cable car option, go to Aeri de Montserrat Cable Car Station, where you may ride the cable car to the summit. One-way tickets are €7.50 (8.87USD), while return tickets are €11.50 (13.60USD). The cable car runs every 15 minutes, although it will depart more frequently with more visitors.

Travelling to Montserrat by train and car cost up to €24.00 (28.38USD) for a round trip. You may purchase your Barcelona ticket at the Plaça Espanya station.

For the latest prices and the cable car timetable, check here

By Bus

Montserrat Spain can be reached by bus. One of the easiest ways is to take the bus operated by Autocares Julia, located on First Street just next to the Sants Train Station. 

However, this bus only departs one time in the morning from Barcelona. So if you want to catch it, be sure you’re on time. Unfortunately, you can’t book online, but at over EURO5, this one is by far the cheapest option for getting to the top of Montserrat. A single trip can take around 90 minutes.

By Rental Car 

This is a more expensive option. However, it’s also your only option if you want to explore any surrounding small towns or villages outside Montserrat.

To hire a car for just the day, you have to reserve a vehicle in advance. This is more convenient if you’ll want to make several stops along your route between Barcelona and Montserrat or travel with more than two passengers. The cost includes insurance, gas, and taxes—but not the airport or other pick-up charges. Expect about €35-€45 (41.39-53.22USD) per person for this option; prices may vary depending on seasonality and availability.”

You can also rent for a taxi to take you to Montserrat.

By a Tour

There are also lots of half-day tours that take you to Montserrat. You can also have a wine tour as part of your trip.

By a Train and Hiking

This is by far the healthiest and most cost-effective method to go to Montserrat, Spain. Start your trip to Plaça Espanya and then, using the R5 line take the Monistrol de Montserrat. From the train station, head through the town of Monistrol to the trails straight up to the mountain.

By ToT ticket

ToT Ticket is a combo ticket that gives you free entrance to the Montserrat Monastery Museum and round-trip transportation from Barcelona. You got the option between riding the cable car or the rack railway. The ToT ticket includes:

  • Unlimited rides on the Sant Joan funicular.
  • A free entrance to Montserrat Museum.
  • A single lunch at the self-service restaurant.

To return to Barcelona, use the cable car or rack railway to the station and then transfer to the train. Tickets begin at €52.90. To learn more about ToT tickets, click here

Best Things to Do at Montserrat Spain

As you can see in this travel guide to Montserrat, this place has a lot to offer, probably enough to fill your day or more. Here’s a summary of the many activities you can do here:

The Benedictine Abbey and the Basilica

The Benedictine Abbey and the Basilic Montserrat Spain

The Benedictine Abbey and the Basilica in Montserrat are both breathtakingly beautiful. The monastery is a big part of the culture and history of Montserrat, Spain. It was founded in 1025 and is filled with sculptures, paintings, stained glass windows, tapestries, mosaics, chapels, libraries and more. 

The basilica has a glorious interior that houses the holy images of saints such as Santa Maria de la Moreneta (Virgin of Montserrat), Saint George killing a dragon and Saint James Matamoros (Saint James the Moor-slayer).

The Museum of Montserrat

The Museum Of Montserrat

The museum’s popularity was reinforced by a world-famous contemporary artist, which created “La escultura de Montserrat” in 1964. This sculpture is situated in the museum garden.

Montserrat has been active in cultural life since long before tourism became the primary industry in this place.

A tourist with a passion for history will not be disappointed to visit this well-preserved historical museum.

The Basilica of Montserrat

The Basilica Of Montserrat

The Basilica of Montserrat is a Roman Catholic basilica and monastery complex.

Religious tourism has been an essential part of the economy in this region for many centuries, and it continues to grow. One can expect to find a beautiful site with amazing views from any point in the area. Travellers will get to explore not only incredible architecture but also beautiful nature. 

The basilica has been blessed with many relics from many saints over its long history, making it an extremely holy place for Catholics worldwide. One can also expect stunning scenery because it is located in a beautiful valley with views of the mountains.

Caves of Salnite

Caves Of Salnite Montserrat

Caves of Salnite is an experience not to be missed for visitors to Montserrat, Spain. Visitors can expect a range of activities from spelunking, hiking, and exploring the other beautiful caves in the area. Caves of Salnite is only one of many attractions in Montserrat that make up an unforgettable trip!

Caves of Salnite is a fascinating excursion offering Montserrat visitors a chance to experience the caves as they were during the age of the pyramids. 

The route includes stalactites and stalagmites. The routes are extraordinarily easy and safe, even for those who aren’t quite as experience in hiking. Moreover, it’s only about a mile round-trip. 

Santa Cecilia’s Monastery: A Roman Church With Abstract Art Inside

Santa Cecilias Monastery Montserrat

One of the most visited attractions in the region is the Santa Cecília Monastery in Montserrat, Spain, which can be found high up in a mountain. 

The monastery was constructed approximately a hundred years ago and has been a popular site for travellers. 

The monastery contains a Refectory which is an open space with a roof supported by columns. The Refectory is where the monks would eat and also worship. 

The church has many modern artworks that look like abstract drawings. The church is Roman style, and it is where visiting tourists can sit and view the surrounding scenery.

Hedged by historical parks and shaped by nature’s elements, Montserrat is a must-see sight in Spain. If not for religious experience, then simply for its heart-stopping picturesque views across Catalonia. If you wish to take a few mountain walks and explore the natural beauty, give at least one day to visit Montserrat. 

Montserrat is often combined with “monastery” and “mountain” and is a widely popular tourist attraction for travellers in Barcelona. The monastery you can visit here attracts thousands of visitors, but serenity, peace, and tranquillity can still be found on walking through its trails or having at least a night here!

This travel guide to Montserrat definitely has a fantastic destination that will be a perfect next stop for your next getaway. The travel guides don’t end here! Discover these cities that you’ll love too with these travel guides.

What do you think about this travel guide to Montserrat? Do you think we missed anything? Leave it in the Comments!

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