Madrid & Barcelona 6 Days / 5 Nights Guide: Unveiling the Best of Spain

Christian Petzold

Published December 18, 2023
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Dive deep into the heart of Spain with our meticulously crafted Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights tour. From the historic streets of Madrid to the vibrant alleys of Barcelona, this journey promises to be a symphony of unforgettable experiences, sights, sounds, and flavors. 

Our exclusive BCN tour itinerary ensures you witness the quintessence of both cities, absorbing their rich histories, cultures, and the vivacious spirit they are renowned for. As you traverse through this guide, you’ll discover the myriad wonders that await. And if the tales of Spanish allure captivate your wanderlust, don’t hesitate – book your tour here now and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

What Madrid & Barcelona Tour Has to Offer

Delving into Barcelona’s Artistic Labyrinths

Any Barcelona itinerary would be incomplete without a visit to the iconic Sagrada Familia. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to Antoni Gaudí’s genius and Spain’s art nouveau movement. A short distance away, the Gothic quarter beckons travelers with its narrow, winding streets and ancient structures, while La Rambla and Las Rambla offer a bustling blend of shops, restaurants, and street performers.

For the art aficionados, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona gives an in-depth look into the works of Pablo Picasso, and architectural wonders like Park Güell, La Pedrera, and Casa Batlló reflect the unique blend of modernism and tradition that the city is renowned for.

Park Retiro

The Majesty of Madrid

In the heart of Madrid and Barcelona 6-days and 5-nights itinerary, Spain’s capital, Madrid, offers its blend of rich history and vibrant culture. The Retiro Park is an oasis, perfect for an afternoon stroll or a boat ride. For art enthusiasts, the masterpieces of El Greco beckon from various museums around the city, while the historic grandeur of El Escorial, a former royal palace and monastery, is a sight to behold.

Neighborhoods like La Latina and El Born pulse with local flavor, tantalizing tapas bars, and a nightlife that resonates with authentic Spanish melodies.

Spain Beyond the Obvious

For those extending their Spain itinerary beyond the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days and 5-nights framework, venturing outside these cities is a revelation. San Sebastian in the Basque country offers a culinary paradise, and the breathtaking views of Costa Brava are not to be missed. The solemn beauty of Seville Cathedral in southern Spain stands in stark contrast to the vibrant energy of Plaza Espanya.

Tailored Adventures with Tour Packages

Opting for a well-curated tour package can elevate your Spanish sojourn. For couples, various honeymoon packages across Spain offer romantic escapades. Whether it’s a guided tour of the majestic Barcelona cathedral or a private tour across the rustic vistas of northern Spain, there’s something tailored for every traveler.

Essential Travel Tips for Your Madrid and Barcelona 6-Days 5-Nights Adventure

  • Savor the Culinary Delights: As you navigate your way through your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights itinerary, make sure to dive into local markets, especially the vibrant La Boqueria. Spain’s regional dishes are a treat, and when paired with regional wines, they make for unforgettable meals.
  • Respect Local Customs: While exploring during your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure, you’ll encounter Spain’s rich traditions and religious customs. Ensure you’re dressed appropriately when visiting religious sites and partake in local festivities with respect.
  • Arm Yourself with Basic Spanish: Communicating can elevate your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights trips. While many in these cities speak English, knowing simple phrases like “Hola” (Hello) can enhance your interactions with locals.
  • Embrace the Siesta: Your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights schedule might get interrupted by the traditional afternoon break many establishments observe. Use this time to rest or visit attractions that stay open.
  • Stay in Sync with Local Timings: During your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure, note that lunch and dinner times in Spain might be later than you’re used to. Adapt to local timings to enjoy authentic Spanish dining experiences.
  • Safety First: Tourist destinations, especially in a packed Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights itinerary, might have areas with pickpockets. Stay vigilant, especially in crowded places.
  • Opt for Public Transport: Public transport in Madrid and Barcelona is not only efficient but also cost-effective. Incorporate it into your Madrid and Barcelona 6 days and 5 nights plan to experience the cities authentically.
  • Experience Tapas Culture: A highlight of any Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights journey is the tapas. Sample these small appetizers in various bars to relish a plethora of flavors.
  • Stay Connected: To share moments from your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights trips in real-time, ensure you’re connected. Most cities offer free WiFi, but a local SIM can be handy for extensive travel.
  • Check Festive Schedules: While enjoying your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure, stay updated with local festive calendars. You wouldn’t want to miss Spain’s vibrant festivals or get caught off-guard by service disruptions during celebrations.

With these invaluable tips, your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure promises to be both seamless and culturally enriching. Here’s to creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Book a Madrid and Barcelona 6-Days 5-Nights Today

Our sample program is for a small group trip to Barcelona and Madrid. Of course, we will completely customize this program to your requirements!


  • All tours and transfers as described below
  • Accommodation Three nights in three-star hotels with breakfast
  • 24h assistance and emergency phone
  • Map of Madrid

In these four days, you will see the gorgeous and monumental capital of Spain – Madrid and its surroundings. You will explore all the beautiful places and monuments like the Royal Palace, try traditional Spanish cuisine and wine, and experience world heritage cities like Toledo. Just enjoy this wonderful city.

  • Guides are licensed and experienced (by default guide included is English speaking, but of course, other languages are available)
  • Vehicles are very modern and air-conditioned.


The three-star hotel is located in a residential and safe area in both Madrid and Barcelona. This offer is made for double rooms, but of course they can also be booked optional a single room. In the price included is the breakfast, which will be an excellent buffet. The guests will be picked up for their tours during these days directly at the hotel and of course drop-off there as well.


Based on a group of 11 persons, the price of the program will be per person in a twin or double room from 810 € The whole program can be 100% customized to your requirements, your budget, and your flight schedule. We can also adapt the room types if you prefer single or family rooms.

Print & Download Programme

Madrid & Barcelona 6 days / 5 nights (pdf file)

Explore the Best of Madrid and Barcelona: A 6-Day Adventure

Day 1

After you arrive in Madrid on the first leg of your Madrid and Barcelona 6 days and 5 nights adventure, the group will drive in a modern bus to their hotel in Madrid. Once there, there’s time to check in and relax a bit before the first tour of this Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights journey starts.

During this four-hour sightseeing tour around Madrid, which forms an integral part of your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights itinerary, you’ll get to see all the most interesting places in the city.

The tour starts at the Royal Palace, a symbolic building used for government ceremonies and events. Constructed in the 18th century, over two hundred and seventy years have passed since its inception, and it remains a cornerstone of your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights experience.

Spanish monarchs once lived here until the twentieth century. With over one million square feet of space and three thousand rooms adorned with statues and priceless art, it’s a highlight of the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights package.

Next up during your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights excursion is Park Retiro, Madrid’s most appealing open space. Initially a royal park, it became public in 1868, transforming into a haven for both locals and travelers on the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights tour.

Further sights that enrich the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure include the Puerta del Sol, the very heart of Madrid, and the Plaza Mayor, a vibrant square teeming with history.

Cathedral Madrid

You’ll also visit the Cathedral, Plaza de la Vila, Puerta del Alcala, Gran Via, Plaza de Cibeles, and the Stadium Santiago Bernabeu, ensuring a comprehensive feel of Madrid during your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days and 5-nights itinerary.

Plaza De La Vila Madrid

After a day of exploration, the group will be treated to a delicious Welcome Dinner in a typical Spanish restaurant. Here, you’ll get a taste of Spain’s culinary delights, which is a crucial part of the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights experience. Satisfied, the bus will transport you back to your hotel. Your first night in Madrid provides ample opportunity to delve deeper into the city at your pace, a perfect wrap-up to the day of your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights journey.

Day 2

Today you will explore another city in the surroundings of Madrid in an 8-hour full-day tour. Just 50 minutes outside Madrid there is the medieval capital of Spain: Toledo, which should not be missed. Although it is now a place for tourists to come and see, five hundred years ago it was the bustling city center of Spain for centuries.


Given the honor of a World Heritage city, Toledo is as important as any other place in Spain and equally beautiful. The old city walls border Toledo and its winding, stone roads and picturesque buildings.

Toledo has been populated for thousands of years by almost every major empire to conquer what is now central Europe. Because of this, there are remains of each dynasty sprinkled throughout the city. When you are in this city you are truly in the middle of history.

The city is famous for being the main place of co-existence for Jews, Christians, and Muslims from seven hundred A.D. until fourteen hundred A.D. Many different religious monuments and buildings stood next to one another and people were free to practice whatever religion they wanted to. During the 16th Century, it was home to the Spanish monarchy and was the capital city.

The first thing you see when entering Toledo is the Puerta Bisagra, the main entrance to the fortified city. When you pass through this gate you are passing through fifteen hundred years of history!


Alcazar is a spectacular castle, but was once a fortress and because of that has been rebuilt numerous times due to conflict and fires. There are many old cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, and monasteries all over the city. Other highlights include an assortment of interesting museums, a walk along the river Tajo, and if you are lucky some amazing Fiestas.

After this excursion, the bus will drive you back to the hotel and you can enjoy your free time during the rest of the day. Of course, there are also some options, which can be added if you wish:

1. Visit to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Real Madrid is famous for being the richest football club in Spain. Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the home to Real Madrid and has been since 1947. It is one of the largest football stadiums in the world holding over eighty-five thousand people at one time.

2. Visit to the Prado Museum

There is no better place in the world to see Spanish art than the Museo del Prado. It is the largest and most well-known art museum in Spain, which was originally built in the 1700s in the Neo-Classical style. Some of the paintings found here date back over nine hundred years ago and are still on display today.

Prado Museum 2

The Prado is considered one of the most impressive art galleries and museums in the world, ranked seventh in Europe, and is the most visited gallery in Europe besides those in London and Paris.

In the evening you can enjoy your free time and explore Madrid on your own. You can use it to do some shopping in the famous street Gran Via, take a delicious cocktail in an insider bar, or walk along the streets – just enjoy the charm of this city.

Day 3

After the refreshment at the buffet breakfast on your Madrid and Barcelona 6 days and 5 nights journey, the day unfolds with a half-day trip (5 hours) to the incredible city surrounding Madrid: Segovia, renowned for its Alcazar and captivating medieval charm.

The excursion, a significant part of your Madrid and Barcelona 6 days and 5 nights experience, kickstarts with a tour to Segovia, one of the nine prominent towns constituting the state of Castile and Leon. Earning the honor of being named a UNESCO World Heritage City in 1985, Segovia boasts two particularly breathtaking landmarks.


Firstly, there’s the Aqueduct. Dating back to approximately 100 A.D., this masterpiece of Roman engineering stands as a testament to ancient architectural prowess. As an integral part of the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights itinerary, the Aqueduct, with its 818-meter span and over twenty-five thousand granite blocks, offers a picturesque view from various city corners, though it predominantly graces the Plaza del Azoguejo.

Secondly, the Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure introduces travelers to the Segovia Cathedral, Spain’s last gothic masterpiece. Towering over the city with its 90-meter high bell tower, this over four-century-old marvel was once Spain’s tallest structure, further amplifying the charm of Segovia.

While these architectural wonders are the highlights of the Madrid and Barcelona Barcelona 6-days 5-nights tour, Segovia’s offerings don’t end there. The Alcazar, a millennia-old royal palace, accompanied by its stunning gardens, adds to the city’s allure. Museums, arches, churches, and numerous other attractions ensure that this part of the Madrid and Barcelona Barcelona 6-days 5-nights journey remains etched in memory.

After soaking in Segovia’s magnificence, the bus escorts you back to your hotel, allowing for some relaxation before your onward journey. As a continuation of your Madrid and Barcelona 6 days and 5 nights experience, the afternoon sees you boarding a flight or high-speed train bound for Barcelona. Upon reaching this coastal gem, a private shuttle transfers you to your 3* Hotel.

The concluding part of this segment of your Madrid and Barcelona 6-days 5-nights adventure invites you to explore Barcelona at your own pace. Savor tapas, stroll through the historic old town, or simply unwind, gearing up for the adventures of the coming days.

Day 4

The day begins with a buffet breakfast in your hotel. Afterward, our guide and bus will pick you up for a full-day excursion to the highlights of Barcelona.

Barcelona 6-days 5-nights

The awe-inspiring architecture of Antoni Gaudi will be our starting point. Admire the UNESCO heritage buildings of Casa Mila and Casa Batllo in the picturesque Eixample quarter before we approach Barcelona’s most famous landmark, the cathedral of Sagrada Familia: this still unfinished gem of modernism architecture was begun in 1882 and the completion is planned for 2026, the 100th anniversary of the death of Antoní Gaudí.

We will continue to the upper city and the slopes of the Sierra de Collserola mountain range to reach Parc Güell. Your guide will take you for a short walk through this fairy-tale garden with its beautiful mosaics and amazing views up to the Mediterranean Sea.

Sierra De Collserola Mountain

Take a short break on its terrace for a picture of the famous curved benches.

After this refreshing break, we will continue with the bus to the Olympic facilities on Montjuic. This mountain between the historic center and the port has already been part of sports history for decades as Barcelona’s old Formula 1 track. For the 1992 Olympic Games, it was reformed as the central venue and 80% of the competitions took place over there. We will visit the beautiful plaza and the Olympic stadium before reaching the castle on the top of the mountain with its 360-degree views of Barcelona and its shoreline.

Making our way down from Montjuic our next stop will be the ancient heart of Barcelona. Step deep into history and explore the foundations of Barcelona as a Roman colony 2000 years ago. Our guide will tell you the rise and fall of the ruling empires over the centuries on a walking tour from the world-famous Las Ramblas through the narrow lanes of the Gothic quarter. On the way to Barcelona’s greatest medieval icon, the cathedral of La Seu you will also explore the indoors of the Roman Augustus’ Temple, the palatine chapel of Santa Àgata, and the cloister of the cathedral.

Cathedral Of La Seu Spain

Now you will hop on your bus again to pass the old port and the former fishermen’s district of Barceloneta to reach the lively beach promenade. We will then enter modern Barcelona with the Olympic Port and the futuristic Forum area. On our way back to the hotel the tour will finish with the oddly shaped Torre Agbar, the icon of modern Barcelona in the new business district.

Side Of Torre Glories Agbar Tower 1

After this extensive tour get some rest in the hotel or take a look at Barcelona’s extensive shopping opportunities along fashionable Passeig de Gracia or discover hidden boutiques in the Born district.

Day 5

Start into the day with another great breakfast. Today you will go on a trip to Girona and Figueres in northern Catalonia.

It will be a one-hour drive from Barcelona to the historic city of Girona. Founded by the Romans, it was a melting pot of cultures for centuries. Along winding medieval streets our guide will take you up the hill from the riverbank to the cathedral. On the way down we will pass through the narrow lanes of the Jewish quarter, walk along the Roman wall that surrounds the old town, and discover the Arab baths.

Afterward, you will have some spare time for shopping, a coffee break or just wandering around the picturesque old town on your own.

Another half an hour on the bus and we will reach Figueres, the home and workplace of world-famous surrealist, painter, and sculptor Salvador Dali.

Theatre Museum Of Dali 1

We will get in touch with his fascinating world and visit the Theatre Museum of Dali. Almost completely created by Dalí himself, it is undoubtedly the best and largest collection of surrealism in the world. He wanted visitors to see his massive collection as a whole work, and for this reason, he refused to have his works placed in any order. Step in and get lost in this surrealistic world of fantasy mixed with architecture, paintings, and sculptures.

After this exciting day, the bus will bring you back to the hotel around 18.00 hrs.

In the evening you will enjoy a delicious farewell dinner in a Spanish restaurant. The dinner will include a three-course meal, wine water, and coffee.

Day 6

According to the departure of your cruise ship, we will pick you up from the hotel and bring you to your cruise terminal. With a lot of impressions, you will be hopefully already thinking about when you will return to our beautiful city. Optional: If your cruise check-in will only open late in the afternoon, we can add another half-day tour in Barcelona.

Optionally, we are happy to include the following activities in your program:

  • The inside of Sagrada Familia with VIP-Entrance: Explore Gaudi’s masterpiece with your guide and no queuing – 19€ per person
  • FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium & Museum: Europe’s largest stadium will be yours from the player’s changing rooms to the pitch. Feel like Lionel Messi when you hold the Champions League trophy in the Barca Museum – 25€ per person
  • Poble Espanol, the Spanish Village: since the 1929 world exhibition, this open-air museum has shown you the diversity of Spain in one place. Wander through the cobble-stones streets lined by white-washed Andalusian houses and enjoy Spanish architecture, cuisine, handicraft workshops, and artists – 9€ per person
  • Andalusian Flamenco Show: Experience the fantastic spectacle in a typical palace in the center of Barcelona. Having its roots in Andalucia in the south of Spain, Flamenco nowadays is popular throughout the whole country. Combine it with a Paella Menu and the typical drink of Sangria while sitting at a table on the ground floor next to the stage. – 28€ per person for the basic show or 49€ for the longer show including a delicious Paella menu.
  • Lunch in a typical Spanish restaurant – from 15€ per person
  • Choice of freshly prepared lunch boxes including salad, sandwich, and drink for a lunch break during your tour – 15€ per person

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


As the curtains draw on our guide, remember that every page turned is an invitation to a real-life experience waiting to be etched in your memory. Madrid’s historical heartbeat and Barcelona’s lively charm are more than just words on a page; they’re the rhythm of adventures yet to be had. 

So, with a splash of Spanish flair and a dash of anticipation, I say: Pack those bags, let the wanderlust win, and let’s turn your Madrid and Barcelona Barcelona 6-days 5-nights dream into a vibrant reality. Book now and let the journey begin – because, querido reader, the best stories are lived, not told!

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    I need a private tour for 2 pax as follows: Can you quote pls. Arriving in Barcelona on 9th Feb 24 @ 10:30 hrs. Require 6D5N guided private tour. Would like to cover all of city highlights + Park Guell. Also would like a day tour of 3 country tour of France/ Andorra/ Spain. If can – would like a visit to Camp Nou – FC Barcelona Stadium Tour.
    Would like to experience the Bullet train to Madrid. And Madrid Tour.
    Both Pax are Muslims but Ok to eat any food but WITHOUT PORK OR LARD.
    Flight to Cairo – out of Madrid 14:50 hrs on 14th Feb 2024.
    Please provide an Itinerary with Plan A – Standard Hotels , Plan B – Comfort Hotels, and Plan C – Luxury Hotels.

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