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Aparthotel Aura Park Sud

Hotel Aparthotel Aura Park Sud ***

by Christian Petzold - updated November 28, 2023

While many travelers are familiar with mainstream hotel options, the rising popularity of spacious modern apartments has paved the way for unique accommodations. One such option is the apartamentos aura park.

What to Expect at Hotel Aparthotel Aura Park Sud

The Beauty of Spacious Living

Within the confines of Aparthotel Aura Park Sud, guests no longer need to settle for cramped quarters. The apartamentos aura park sud section, in particular, offers apartments designed with modern elegance. Each unit is replete with top-tier rooms facilities, featuring a dressing area, a guest room primed for relaxation, and a chic bar lounge area for those moments of leisure.

A touch of warmth is lent by the carpeted floor, contrasting beautifully with the modernity of the air conditioning – ensuring utmost comfort, rain or shine. Here, guests can savor the luxe experience of a hotel while still enjoying the familiarity of home.

Location, Location, Location

Situated at a strategic junction, Aparthotel Aura Park Sud proves that location is everything. Just a mere 15-minute commute separates guests from illustrious landmarks such as the legendary camp nou and the pulsating vibes of the city center.

Adding to its appeal is its proximity to the sant josep tube station. This ensures that destinations like fira de cornellà and fira de barcelona are readily accessible. And for those journeying from the united states or other global locales, the seamless connectivity of public transport simplifies the journey to Aparthotel Aura Park Sud.

Top-Notch Amenities

What sets Aparthotel Aura Park Sud apart is its unwavering commitment to guest convenience. From the moment one steps in, the 24-hour reception is at hand, ensuring an effortless check-in process, day or night.

For those inclined towards leisure, the outdoor pool beckons — a perfect oasis after a day of exploration. Designed to cater to both individual travelers and groups of up to 15 people, it promises relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, those itching to explore can rely on the tour/ticket assistance desk for guidance.

Additional Information for a Seamless Stay

Attention to detail is paramount at Aparthotel Aura Park Sud. Not only does it accept a range of payment methods, including American Express, but guests should also be on the lookout for enticing deals that the establishment frequently offers.

Furthermore, the apartamentos aura park section ensures guests are always cared for, from the provision of daily fresh towels to important information about nearby attractions.

In essence, Aparthotel Aura Park Sud stands as a testament to refined living and unparalleled hospitality. A choice destination for modern travelers, its blend of prime location, first-rate amenities, and emphasis on guest experience ensures every stay is memorable.

Exploring the Vicinity of Aparthotel Aura Park Sud

Aparthotel Aura Park Sud isn’t just a destination for comfort and luxury; it’s also a gateway to some of the city’s most captivating attractions. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, a sports fan, or a leisure traveler, there’s something nearby for everyone. Here’s a snapshot of what lies in store:

1. Camp Nou

A mere 15-minute journey from Aparthotel Aura Park Sud, Camp Nou is more than just a stadium; it’s a pilgrimage for football aficionados. Home to FC Barcelona, visitors can experience a thrilling match, explore its storied history, or go on an immersive behind-the-scenes tour.

Camp Nou During The Game 1

2. Sant Josep Tube Station

Adjacent to Aparthotel Aura Park Sud, the Sant Josep Tube Station serves as the nexus of the city’s public transport system. It effortlessly connects guests of the aparthotel to the city’s vast landscapes and attractions.

3. Fira de Cornellà

Located close to Aparthotel Aura Park Sud, Fira de Cornellà stands as a dynamic hub for business, innovation, and culture. Its calendar is packed with exhibitions, trade fairs, and culturally enriching events, offering something for every visitor.

4. Fira de Barcelona

Just a short trip from Aparthotel Aura Park Sud, the Fira de Barcelona is an epicenter for global conventions, exhibitions, and events. Its diverse roster ranges from tech showcases to art and design carnivals, ensuring a vibrant experience for all.

Fira De Barcelona

5. City Center

The heart of the city, just a stone’s throw from Aparthotel Aura Park Sud, is an intricate blend of history, architecture, shopping, and gastronomy. From the labyrinthine alleyways to bustling squares, the city center promises endless discoveries.

6. Landmarks & Historical Sites

The vicinity around Aparthotel Aura Park Sud boasts a wealth of historical landmarks that chronicle the region’s illustrious past. Ancient churches, modernist edifices, and historical sites abound, each with its unique tale.

7. Bar Lounge Areas

After a day steeped in exploration, what better way to unwind than at the chic bar lounge areas near Aparthotel Aura Park Sud? Delight in artisanal cocktails, engage with the city’s denizens, or simply bask in the soothing tunes.

8. Outdoor Activities

For guests at Aparthotel Aura Park Sud keen on blending urban luxury with nature’s charm, nearby parks and green spaces offer a rejuvenating escape. Whether it’s a sunrise jog or a sunset stroll, nature’s embrace is always within reach.

Book Aparthotel Aura Park Sud Today

Aparthotel Aura Park Sud is 250 metres from L’Hospitalet’s San Josep Train Station and 15 minutes’ train ride from central Barcelona and the airport. It offers a seasonal rooftop pool with panoramic views.The spacious, modern apartments are air conditioned and heated. They feature a living room with a sofa bed and TV, and free Wi-Fi. There is a private bathroom and a kitchen with a fridge.

The Aura Park Sud has a restaurant and a café-bar with an outdoor terrace. The restaurant is closed every Sunday, and breakfast will be served as a takeaway. The apartments have a 24-hour reception. 

Quick Facts

  • Number of rooms: 50 
  • Meeting room capacities: 25 + 40 
  • Number of meeting rooms: 2 
  • City district: L’Hospitalet de Llobregat 
  • Closest metro stop: Av. Carrilet

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