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by Christian Petzold - updated December 15, 2022

Founded in 1975, Botafumeiro is one of the best seafood restaurants of Barcelona that offers fresh products from the Cantabrian and Mediterranean seas in a distinguished and classic atmosphere. The luxury restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Gràcia.

Each dish served in Botafumeiro is the result of accurate work. The recipes are unique, the raw materials are exquisite and the service is a pleasure.

At one’s own choice, if you prefer a local plate you can try a sea cucumber with chickpeas, for those who are looking for a dish from the North, a Cantabrian lobster with rice would be a nice option. All the connoisseurs should definitely try the sole with prawns and truffle.

The restaurant is divided into several rooms, which are especially suitable for businesses. Botafumeiro’s chef knows exactly what to do with the best raw materials from the market: respect the product and use the right amount of heat to arouse all its flavour and aroma.

Quick Facts

Max. capacity230 pax

City district: Gràcia

Closest metro stop: L3 Fontana

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