Barcelona in September: An Exciting Late Summer Getaway

Christian Petzold

Published July 23, 2021
Barcelona in September

Barcelona is a center for art and culture. With its world-renowned architecture, street life and all-year sunshine, just imagine all the European sights, sounds, smells, and tastes you can experience here.

September is one of the nicest months to visit Barcelona. As tourist crowds clear and locales return home from their August vacation, the city shows off its authentic charm that attracts many travellers. 

If you’re still not convinced why you should drop by for a day or weeks in Barcelona this September, consider the major festivities that will take place around town – the Catalan capital parties!

Ready to see and experience for yourself? Here’s what you need to know in Barcelona in September 2021. 

Why Should You Visit Barcelona in September?

This is typically the off-season in Barcelona, so you not only avoid the crowds but can also bargain for lower rates on hotels and flights. If you would like to take advantage of reduced rates at some of Barcelona’s top boutique hotels and historic properties, now’s your chance.

The queue to enter Barcelona’s famous tourist attractions, such as the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, is at its peak in the summertime and on Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter holidays. As the weather is pretty comfortable any time of the year, it is wise to avoid the summer months and any major holiday to finely witness Barcelona’s attractions.

Anyone can argue that March, May, and September – October, are the best times to travel to Barcelona for sightseeing. One reason is that the crowds at Barcelonas tourist places are way thinner. There are also shorter queues, and the weather is perfect for any kind of activity. 

Does September Weather a Good Time to Travel?

The weather in Barcelona in September is much more manageable this time of the year. Some travellers believe September is the “perfect weather”. The average highs are 26 degrees Celcius, while the lows are 20 degrees, usually at night. This is a refreshing change from the technically hotter and sticky days and nights of August.

The weather in Barcelona in September is quite unpredictable, but on average, September only has just four days of rain each year. So if it does rain, you don’t have to take cover for too long. However, thunderstorms are more common in September, which means bringing your portable umbrella is still a good idea. 

The warm temperature of the ocean allows ample beach time. The temperature becomes colder as days go on from September. If warm weather is your priority, make sure to plan your travels on the first days of the month. 

Best Packing Tips for Your Trip to Barcelona in September

Here are a few tips on what you need to pack and a packing list to make it easier for you! Bare these items in mind when selecting your luggage pieces.

  • A good rain jacket. It can get cold and rainy in September, so be prepared! 
  • Sunscreen and a hat that will protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Pack some moisturiser too. Your skin can get very dry if you plan to walk around all day!!
  • A comfortable pair of shoes or sneakers that are easy to run around in. (Many places have cobblestone roads!)
  • Always have drinking water with you. Remember to drink even if you’re not thirsty to prevent hydration.
  • It’s advisable to wear light summer clothes such as shorts, skirts, T-shirts, sandals, and flip-flops. Also, bring your long pants and a wind jacket or anorak for cold mornings and nights.
  • Always bring with you your passport, visa, and travel permit. Some places will not allow you to enter without these documents.
  • Bring a small umbrella. This can go handy in case it rains. 
  • Bring with you your portable power adaptor. Spain’s power outlets are kind of different from many western countries, including the US. You’ll need to bring a power adapter to make use of their plug while you’re in Barcelona. 

What to Wear in Nightclubs in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a pretty laid back city, especially for travellers, both in terms of attitude and how people dress. For many nightclubs in Barcelona, you don’t have to be super formal or dress to kill to get in. However, save your shorts, sando, and flip-flops for the beach, as well as your hiking shoes for an actual hike. To play the safer side, you can always wear dark shoes than white ones. It blends well with almost all styles. 

Nightclubs In Barcelona

September Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great destination for a vacation all year round. In September, you can explore the medieval streets or take in one of the many art exhibits at many museums. If you’re feeling adventurous, try kayaking down La Rambla, eating Tapas on Las Ramblas, or visiting Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia! Here, let’s showcase to you the many varieties of activities and events in Barcelona in September that you ought to try!

Festa Major Del Poblenou – Street Festival/Party

Travelling in September in Barcelona is like entering a paradise of FREE events and festivals along with the locales. Located only short 45 minutes outside the many cities in the Poblenou festival, which attracts thousands of tourists to visit Barcelona every year. 

This place is a residential area that transforms into the Festa Major del Poblenou. Every bar, restaurant, and cafes are full of activities. Free concerts and free music shows are held across the whole neighbourhood. So it’s best to soak yourself into this one to understand and enjoy their culture deeply. 

This event takes place from September 6 until 16th (10-day event) that coincides with National Catalan Day (September 11). This is truly a fantastic time to see original Catalan Traditions such as human towers, fire runs/dance, traditional folk dancing, parades, and huge mache dolls.

National Day of Catalunya – La Diada

One of the most remarkable events in Catalonia is La Diada, otherwise known as the National Day of Catalunya. This date recreates the memory of La Batalla de Salambó, where Catalonia fought against a Castilian army for its right to be an autonomous region. Besides that, it is also commemorated for having been one of the first signs of national Catalan independence movements in 1714.

The event takes place once a year on September 11 since 1887. In 1972 , it was declared a National Holiday in Catalonia and Spain. The day includes traditional events and many expressions honouring their cultural history, such as bullfights and dances by men and women alike from youth to old age.

Today, this event is hugely regionalised and politicised. But this event is really an opportunity for Barcelona’s residents to express their pride and fellowship as members of Catalonia. You will experience all the renowned Catalan customs such as the human towers or giant parades, Catalan flags and street music.

Note: Catalonia is the vital and very first region of Spain. Barcelona is the capital and most populated city in Spain. If you’re in Barcelona on September 11, expect a parade and plays happening in the town. This event is celebrated for one day only. 

National Day Of Catalunya La Diada

Festa Major de la Barceloneta

Festa Major de la Barceloneta is an event worth visiting in Spain. For one, it’s a traditional Catalan festival held annually on the last weekend of August (September 25 to 29). Some events take place all day long, including music performances, dances, and street markets. The events in the main square of La Barceloneta go on till Sunday morning when at precisely noon there is a traditional cannon firing which signifies the end of the festival.

Witness Autumn Leaves on a Walking Trip

It’s nice to take a walking trip when the leaves start falling in the autumn because then you can enjoy all their beautiful colours and shapes. You can also feel how refreshing it is to be outside with all that fresh air. September means Autumn in Barcelona, so expect crisp autumn leaves and golden hues. It may or may not show up, but many places in Barcelona will. So go out and have fun outside the city. Go on hiking trips and witness those falling leaves. The most popular places one must visit are perhaps Montserrat, Girona, and the Pyrenees.

Autumn Leaves Barcelona

Have a Blast at the Europe’s Largest Street Party, La Merce Festival

La Merce Festival is an event that takes place in Barcelona annually on September 24 from 8:00 to 22:00. This event is Europe’s biggest street party with over 2 million visitors, and it provides a space for people to enjoy themselves and express their creative side.

The festival has many traditional activities such as dancing, music, singing, and parades. There are also crafts workshops such as paper cutting, origami, fabric painting, and a lot more! It’s quite interesting how La Merce Festival has incorporated many cultural backgrounds into one big celebration like never before. 

It has been around since at least 1592 when Barcelona joined the Reformation and tried to escape Catholicism by celebrating their own.

Remember to always keep safe during these big events. Only bring your necessary items with you and be aware of your surroundings.

La Merce Festival

Date on a Cruise Over Sunset in Barcelona

The sunset cruise in Barcelona is a cultural and tourist activity that happens at the port of Barcelona. It starts with traditional music being played from boats and is conducted by guides on the land. The Calatrava, which is also an architectural style, can be seen around the cruise ships onshore. Passengers can see tours around some notable landmarks such as Las Ramblas Street and Catalunya Square on this boat ride.

This activity has been popular among tourists to Barcelona for many years. It offers a unique experience to visitors that they won’t find anywhere else throughout their stay in Spain. The cost includes food and beverages during the whole duration of time that you’re there before going back to your hotel.

This is a romantic way to spend time with your significant other. Pamper yourself and enjoy the food, music and company of one another on this luxurious cruise. The only catch would be the high prices which add up very quickly. However, I’m sure it’s worth it!

Cruise Over Sunset In Barcelona

As the weather changes in Barcelona, locals and tourists are flooding the streets in anticipation of the end of summer. The Mediterranean sun has been shining for months, but it is a little less bright as September approaches it. That doesn’t mean people have to stop their fun, though.

Barcelona’s rich culture and history of architecture will always be present. Be sure to take advantage of activities like wine tasting tours, Catalan cooking classes, or simply eating authentic tapas on La Rambla. But whether you’re looking at amazing art galleries and museums or checking out some live jazz at a traditional cafe – this city has it all! 

All signs point to September being an excellent opportunity to visit Barcelona before they say goodbye to summer.

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