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Barcelona Climate and Season

Barcelona Climate & Season Guide: When To Visit, Weather, and Gothic Quarter

by Christian Petzold - updated December 24, 2021

The Barcelona climate, especially the city center area, is characterized by a Mediterranean type of humid subtropical climate, which goes from warm and dry seasons to cool and wet winters.

Barcelona has four seasons: a cold winter with occasional rain, hot summer, rainy autumn, and a gloomy spring.

Average Monthly Temperatures in Barcelona

The monthly temperatures below are averages, and they may fluctuate around these figures.

MonthAverage Temperature
January55.4 °F/13°C 
February57.2 °F/14°C
March59 °F/15°C
April62.6 °F/17°C
May73.4 °F/23°C
June77 °F/25°C
July84.2 °F/29°C
August86 °F/30°C
September78.8 °F/26°C
October75.2 °F/24°C
November57.2 °F/14°C
December57.2 °F/14°C

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Barcelona?

As the table indicates, the weather in Barcelona is nice for most of the year. However, the best weather occurs from May to the end of July, making these months especially appealing for a visit to the city. September is a good month for traveling in Barcelona as well.

August is the hottest month (with temperatures occasionally reaching 34°C, 95°F), so if you enjoy humid saunas, this is the month for you. Seriously though, the increased humidity makes the temperature feel much hotter. If you organize travel to Barcelona in August, be sure to get an air-conditioned hotel room.

Coldest Month

The temperature in October is still pleasant but begins to drop to 21°C down to 15°C or 69 °F to 59 °F. You won’t find sunshine every day, though, so be prepared for days when the sky is gloomy with a chance of a light shower.

Be aware that the weather in Barcelona might change from year to year; thus, these are general suggestions. In the past years, there have been fluctuations from the normal. 


In November through February, the temperature drops to an average of 12°C (53°F). Because it doesn’t rain much in the Winter, you may expect some bright days even if it’s cold. However, there are huge chances for cloudy weather in Barcelona. Luck plays a big part in this.

Hours of Sunshine in Barcelona

June is the month with the highest number of daily hours of sunshine. There are about 11.74 hours of sunlight each day. That’s approximately 352.05 hours of sunshine throughout June.

When it comes to daily hours of sunlight in Barcelona, January has the lowest average of 7.05 hours per day, the lowest of any month. For January, there are 211.39 hours of sunlight on average.

Throughout the year, the city of Barcelona receives an average of 3185.21 hours of sunlight. That’s about 104.62 hours of sunshine every month.

Seasons to Visit Barcelona

Thanks to the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona enjoys a moderate temperature throughout the year. Here is a quick brief of how each season feels when traveling to Barcelona. 

Barcelona in Spring

Spring is like taking in the sights of Barcelona through a pair of tinted sunglasses in a cool hue of blue. The sun is shining softly, and the temperature cools down. While it is not quite time to break out the swimsuits just yet, the weather in Barcelona is excellent for taking a stroll around the city and discovering its hidden gems during these months. The residents are in a festive mood, taking advantage of the nice weather and celebrating Easter and various parades and festivals across the city.

Barcelona in Summer

Barcelona Climate - Summer

If there were a season that reflected the essence of Barcelona, the summer season would be it! Although the weather in Barcelona is scorching, the sweat does not weaken spirits; this is the season for outdoor concerts, street parades, and artistic festivals.

Barcelona is teeming with tourists who come to enjoy the beach parties and the finest of the city’s gastronomy, culture, and history. If not for the midday heat and throng, this is the perfect time to visit Barcelona.

Barcelona in June is the perfect way to beat the heat. The city has festivals, events, parties, and attractions for your summer days.

Barcelona in Autumn

Barcelona Climate - Autumn

The rain and cloudy weather in Barcelona provide cheer and refreshment to the grime of Barcelona! You won’t see leaves shedding; instead, the temperatures drop, making the weather great for strolling and enjoying the city without the tourist crowds. Autumn is off-season, and it is ideal for people who want to discover Barcelona like a local.

Explore Barcelona in October, when the leaves change color and the breeze is cool.

Barcelona in Winter

Barcelona Climate - Winter

Barcelona is the ideal place for enjoying the Christmas spirit and New Year’s celebrations without dealing with the chilly snow and dismal weather found in other European cities.

While Winter takes away a major Barcelonian attraction – the beach, but instead, all the Christmas markets and shopping sales all make up for the joy of the beach. Plus, you get to wear your warm clothes, and enjoy Barcelona in the cold!

Prepare yourself for the holiday season in Barcelona! Find out what to do in Barcelona in December (Weather, Reasons to Visit, and more!)

What’s the Best Season to Go to the Gothic Quarter 

The Gothic Quarter is my top pick when visiting Barcelona so, if you would like to enjoy the beautiful architecture and medieval atmosphere, you should go here. This area of Barcelona is full of historic buildings and narrow streets. The Gothic Quarter is also one of the oldest parts of this city, and it is an excellent place for shopping and sightseeing. 

Gothic Quarter In Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter goes through seasonal changes like any other part of Barcelona, so there are many different best times to go depending on the activity you are looking for. If you want to explore this part of Barcelona in-depth, I recommend going around Christmas time when all the gorgeous Christmas lights come up. This time will also allow you to visit one of the many must-see sites, Santa Maria del Mar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the ideal time to travel to Barcelona?
    • The ideal time to travel to Barcelona is in spring, especially April and May. In addition to the great weather, it’s also the shoulder season for tourists, making it an ideal time to visit.
  • When does Barcelona’s off-season begin?
    • The off-season begins in Winter. It’s also the best time to evade the throng and truly experience Barcelona without too much crowd. Although it will not be warm enough to visit the beach, the weather in Barcelona will be pleasant compared to other European cities.
  • When is the rainy season in Barcelona?
    • While rain storms can occur at any time of year, they are more common in the fall. Typically, October is the wettest month in Barcelona.

Author’s Note to Barcelona Climate

So as you can see, Barcelona’s weather changes from season to season. The best weather for you to visit will depend on what type of activity you would like to do. One thing I hope you have taken away from this article is how amazing this city is, no matter the weather!

For a great place to start your trip, start with our Barcelona travel blog. There you can learn more about where to go and what to see when visiting Barcelona. 

We also have a list of things that you can do when visiting Barcelona with information on all types of fun activities; from museums and theme parks to restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and more! So make sure you check out our related pages before your next trip to Barcelona!

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