Social Programme for Conference

Christian Petzold

Published December 9, 2022
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Why settle for one activity when you can choose from 14 exciting options? With two hours of free time, our group of 210 people signed up for the activities of interest, personalizing their experience. Everyone also choose their prefered transportation: eBike or bus. 

Activities include classics like Sagrada Familia, water sports like Stand Up Paddling and creative ventures like vibrant Modern Art Tours. Our fleet of guides warmly welcomed guests at their hotels. This kept the window of time efficient as well as made our guests feel at ease.

Opinion of our client

  • Good activities
  • Fast response, good prices and flexibility were good
  • Guides – enthusiastic


  • Client: BNP
  • PAX: 210
  • Service(s): Organization and coordination of 14 synchronous activities

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