What’s up in Barcelona during November?

BCN Travel - Christian

Published October 14, 2013

What’s up in Barcelona during November?

Whereas some cities probably sink to rest until the next spring from now on – Barcelona is definitely not one of them. There is plenty to explore and to discover, even during one of the greyest months of the year.

The weather is still pleasant with an average temperature of around fifteen degrees during the whole month. However, it is starting to get slightly cooler and unfortunately the sun won’t show up every day anymore. The positive aspect though is that Barcelona’s beauty can be enjoyed without fearing a heat stroke!

In general, the eleventh month of the year has a rather relaxed start since the first day of the month is a public holiday in Spain and Barcelona (for all those who were part of a crazy Halloween party these are pretty good news, right?) It is All Saints’ Day and it is a Spanish tradition to attend church services in honor of Catholic saints and to visit and beautify family graves with flowers and enlightened candles.

Another highlight this year is the solar eclipse on the third of November. On this day the moon passes directly between earth and sun, blocking all portions of the sun. Luckily, it is on a Sunday and excuses why you could not see it are just invalid! Around lunch time you should be outside to enjoy this spectacular.

In the second week of November the World Press Photo Exhibition will open its doors for all who want to marvel at the best of the last year’s photojournalism from all around the world. It will take place at the Contemporary Culture Centre Barcelona (CCCB).

Last but definitely not least I would like to mention the Barcelona Shopping Night towards the end of the month. It can be seen as the kick off for the Christmas shopping season and especially all ladies might be happy to stroll along Passeig de Gracia the whole evening until one a.m. Moreover, this night the fabulous illumination of the city will begin and the outdoor ice skating usually opens its gates at Placa Catalunya as well.

So, let’s brave the colder days and experience Barcelona at its best with a hot chocolate in our hands!