The Most Famous Streets in Barcelona: Best of the Spanish City by the Sea

Christian Petzold

Published February 4, 2022
The most famous streets in barcelona

The city of Barcelona has been a tourism hotspot for over a decade. Walk the famous streets and discover the history behind the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, enjoy designer shopping in one of Europe’s most luxurious neighborhoods, and sample some local wines in this top destination of Europe.

Barcelona is famous for many things – the best tapas, a rich history linked to prominent figures such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro. But it is also famous for its endless list of small, winding streets – a route with no exact path that takes you from Renaissance-era buildings to whimsical squares.

In this article, we explore the most famous streets in Barcelona. So buckle up and enjoy!

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Most Famous Streets in Barcelona

The most famous streets in Barcelona are the ones that make Barcelona what it is today. By exploring them, you will learn about some of the city’s most well-known artists and landmarks, as well as its rich history.

1. Las Ramblas – The Absolute Most Famous Street in Barcelona

Las Ramblas In Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Las Ramblas was built in 1766, and its construction had to follow the line of an ancient medieval wall that was demolished six years later, causing the building to be delayed. This road stands out because, in contrast to the old neighborhoods of Barcelona and their tiny lanes, this street is huge. It immediately established itself as a popular gathering place for Barcelona residents. Las Ramblas has seen several transformations and constructions because of its rising popularity.

This is arguably the most famous street in Barcelona, and for a good reason. Las Ramblas is an avenue of shops, theatres, flower stands, and restaurants on the street that stretches 1.2km long, connecting the Plaça de Catalunya with the port. This central thoroughfare is always bustling with people and activity on any day.

Discover more about Las Ramblas and the best activities in this Barcelona’s famous street.

2. Passeig Del Born – The Medieval-Looking Street

Passeig Del Born 1

At Passeig del Born, history is in the air! This Barcelona’s famous street was the site of competitions as it is where knights settle disputes through duels. This is also where the Inquisition executed their victims during the sixteenth century. Additionally, it was the location of the Siege of Barcelona in 1714 when Felipe V’s army seized the street. Nowadays, Holy Week and carnival parades continue to occur here each year.

Passeig de Gracia is where traditional songs are sung, and there are also street foods sold. It also hosts many small local bars that are not always open to tourists. This neighborhood has been described as “the most authentic and picturesque section of Barcelona.” Passeig del Born is also a good destination for leisure and nightlife at night.

3. Carrer Dels Mirallers – The Spooky Street

Carrer dels Mirallers is a little street near the gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar. If you’re searching for Barcelona gems, this street is one of them. Demonic apparitions are rumored to stalk Barcelona’s Carrer dels Mirallers. So what’s up?

Jacint Verdaguer was a Spanish writer who is thought to be one of the best poets in Catalan. In 1870, Jacint became a priest. A few years later, he was going through a terrible time in his life. He started hanging out with psychics and priests who practice exorcisms. When Jacint Verdaguer moved to Carrer dels Mirallers in Barcelona, he began performing exorcisms in his home. In Carrer dels Mirallers, it’s thought that demonic spirits are still out there, and some of the street sculptures are cursed.

Today, this creepy Barcelona’s famous street has a lot of exciting handicrafts and artisanal shops that you can visit while you’re walking around. And at night, Bodega is a good place to go for a drink (Carrer dels Mirallers, 15). It’s a bit small, but you won’t find a bar more friendly than this one. The prices aren’t too high here either. 

4. Carrer de Montcada – The Renaissance and Baroque Style Street

Carrer De Montcada

This boulevard is lined with Renaissance and Baroque-style medieval palaces with colossal entrances leading to magnificent courtyards. All of these palaces bear evidence to this Barcelona medieval main street’s prosperous and beautiful history. Nobles and merchants, whose fortunes were enhanced by maritime commerce, established their grand mansions on Carrer de Montcada. These medieval mansions have withstood the test of time. 

Carrer de Montcada is called one of the prettiest streets in Barcelona. It’s a street with a perfect harmony of buildings and streetscapes, which are very well maintained. Carrer de Montcada is the ideal place to get away from the crowd and have a quiet walk among buildings that date back to the Middle Ages. This street has a number of both private and public museums, providing visitors with endless opportunities for fun.

5. Carrer Dels Escudellers – The Local’s Favorite Spot for Food Street

If you want to experience Barcelona authentically, head to Carrer dels Escudellers and fill your stomach and satisfy your thirst. The nightlife is hip, and there are plenty of good pubs and restaurants here. 

The name tells us it is the street where most residents live, and all the restaurants and shops lining here confirmed this. It’s also true that Carrer dels Escudellers is a street full of artisans waiting for you to visit them. 

6. Carrer Del Bisbe – Main Street of Medieval Barcelona

Carrer Del Bisbe

Carrer del Bisbe is one of the city’s best-known old streets. This used to be the main street in Barcelona during the middle ages. Carrer del Bisbe, or Bishop’s Street, is next to the city’s famous Gothic Cathedral. It has houses with Gothic and neo-Gothic designs on both sides.

However, what makes it one of the most famous streets in Barcelona with tourists is the Gothic Bridge that runs parallel to the roadway. Also known as Bishop’s Bridge, it spans between the Casa dels Canonges or Canon’s House and the Palau de la Generalitat or local council headquarters. This bridge is decorated with skulls, bones, and features a dagger inserted into the mouth.

7. Passeig de Gràcia – Fashion Street of Barcelona

Passeig De Gracia Placard 1 3

Passeig de Gràcia is a street that runs from Plaça de Catalunya to Diagonal. It’s a place where history and high fashion coexist. Passeig de Gràcia is the main shopping area of Barcelona, and it’s also one of Barcelona’s most famous streets.

The first commercial buildings were erected on this street in 1864, but it wasn’t until 1888 that they became mixed-use buildings with residential space on upper floors. Some grand hotels were established here, making the street a fashionable destination for the wealthy.

Learn more about the Passeig de Gracia and why it is one of the must-see streets in Barcelona.

8. Enric Granados – A Far Cry From the Hurly-Burly of Ramblas

Located in the heart of Barcelona, only three blocks from the Passeig de Grácia, this street has remained relatively unknown to the millions of tourists that visit the city each year. Enric Granados is modest and charming, a far cry from the hurly-burly of Ramblas. It begins near the University on Consell de Cent street and ends at Diagonal street.

Despite being home to some of the city’s top restaurants and pubs, it has a relaxed, calm vibe. With just one lane of traffic, it feels as if it was designed for people to roam down, making it a perfect spot for a stroll or dining on one of the numerous terraces away from the city hubbub.

Author’s Note

These are some of the best streets in Barcelona! Take a stroll along these picturesque cobblestone streets and enjoy the history, culture, and great food. Let us know if you have been to any of these streets or if this is a place you think you should go to in Barcelona. Happy travels! ​

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