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Montjuic Castle

The castle on Montjuic dates back from 1640. It has been constructed in this excellent strategical position overlooking the harbor and the city.

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After the Spanish War of Succession, Montjuic Castle was ransacked by the Bourbons under King Phillip V. The actual castle dates back from the 1770s when the Bourbons decided to rebuild it to secure their reign over Barcelona and Catalonia.

In Catalan history Montjuic Castle became completely in-famed when the national hero and former President of Catalonia, Lluis Companys was executed here by the fascists in 1940.

In opposition to its former uses, in 2008 the Barcelona Peace Centre has been established in the historic walls of Montjuic Castle.

Today, most visitors come to enjoy the castle’s roof-top terrace. With an altitude of 170 metres, it is higher than any building in the city. The ascend up Montjuic rewards with an unchallenged 360 degree view over the Mediterranean Sea, the harbour and the whole city of Barcelona.

If you happen to be in Barcelona in July, the open air cinema festival of Sala Montjuic will be on. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday one of the best movies of all times will be shown within the outer walls of Montjuic Castle. A great way to spend Barcelona’s warm nights in this beautiful location above the city.

Montjuic Castle – Facts

Admission: 5€

Opening times: Every day from 10:00 to 19:00

How to get to Montjuic Castle?

By metro take the green line L4 to Parallel and change to the Funicular to Montjuic. The funicular leaves under the ground as well, so do not leave the station since you can go all the way with the same ticket.

Montjuic Tours

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    Montjuic Cable Car

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    Visit historic Mt Montjuic and get there the most beautiful way! Enjoy fantastic views on Barcelona with the cable car from the sky.

    Duration: 15min each way
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Up on Montjuic you can either walk uphill to your left for about 15 minutes or you can use the cable car. The scenic ride with the cable car is 11.40 Euros return.