Flamenco in Barcelona: Top 6 Places to Watch Enticing Shows

Christian Petzold

Published October 10, 2023
Flamenco In Barcelona

Spain’s second-biggest city, Barcelona, has plenty of things to do for you and your friends.

You can learn more about the region’s history at the National Museum of Catalan History, shop until you drop on Passeig de Gracia, or browse through books at Lletraferit. But one thing that often goes overlooked is Flamenco nightclubs in Barcelona.

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With their passionate cante, gypsy guitars, colorful clothing, and castanets, Flamenco in Barcelona is not only entertaining but also offers an insight into the region’s rich Spanish culture.

History of Flamenco Shows

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Flamenco originated in Spain’s traditional music and was inspired by Spanish, gypsy, and Moorish musical instruments and techniques. The art form is commonly seen at cafes and flourished in the nineteenth century.

Intense emotion is at the heart of flamenco music, and first-timers will be surprised by how soulful (not to mention noisy!) the simple use of hand-clapping, foot-stomping, and acoustic guitar can be.

A flamenco concert in Barcelona is a beautiful way to get familiar with this dance form, even if it isn’t your type of music.

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6 Best Places for Flamenco Shows In Barcelona

A few flamenco nightclubs in Barcelona bring the best of the art form to its biggest enthusiasts. It is a shame if you don’t get a chance to see a show for yourself and your friends, so make sure to take a look at this list of flamenco nightclubs in Barcelona.

1. Palacio del Flamenco Barcelona

Palacio del Flamenco nestles just in the Gothic Quarter, one of the most ancient parts of the city. With a capacity of 380, El Palacio is Barcelona’s largest venue for seeing a concert, with excellent availability if booked a few days in advance (most nights do sell out, so don’t wait too long!). 

The event lasts an hour and costs €35 with a drink included. However, many opt to spend a bit more and eat a traditional Spanish lunch followed by traditional sangria. Their Paella Menu (€50) and Tapas Menu (€65) are pretty popular, and the cuisine is superior to that of 90% of other tablaos.

You really can’t miss out on experiencing this historic site; its luxurious interior exudes history with its high ceilings, beautifully carved arches and pillars, ornate chandeliers, and historical furnishings.

2. 23 Robadores

Are you feeling courageous? Want to have a modern experience with locals that evokes the spontaneous, ad hoc nature of traditional flamenco performances? Then descend to one of Raval’s most seedy alleyways (Carrer Robadors translates as “Robbers street,” and it’s a well-deserved moniker!).

While the location is quite daring, the bar is pretty nice, and the live music jams are just €5 to attend. You can expect to see a flamenco event at this venue (Jazz, Balkan, Blues) at least once a week. The bar is small, so you’ll have to share a table with other people.

3. Flamenco Art at Palau de la Musica Catalana

Barceloneta’s Palau de la Música Catalana has always been one of the scene’s best venues for flamenco performances. It hosts many standard artists as well as the leading artists from the city and its surrounding communities.

The location is close to other areas you might like, such as Les Rambles and Placa de Catalunya. The venue’s high ceilings and spacious feel make it an excellent option for first-timers to experience flamenco in Barcelona. Moreover, a few rooms are available to hire out for your party or event—call ahead to book one.

Flamenco Art is a 1.5-hour performance involving well-known guitarists and singers from all across Spain a couple of times a month, from spring to fall. 

4. Tablao Cordobes

For more than four decades, this iconic venue on Las Ramblas has been a favorite of both locals and visitors alike; the auditorium, which has a hollow feel, hosts performances by artists from all across Spain. The audience is pressed against the stage, creating an intimate atmosphere — in fact, the musicians don’t even use microphones or speakers throughout the performance.

There are five flamenco shows every night, each lasting around an hour. When booking a seat, you will have the option of either beverages or a supper buffet with the 44 flavors of Spain. They don’t offer the food during the performance, but you can eat the meal before the show in an Arabic-styled dining hall. Overall, this is a beautiful and authentic experience in the city’s heart. 

5. Los Tarantos

Founded in 1963 in Plaça Reial in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Los Tarantos is the city’s oldest tablao and is owned by Barcelona’s Mas & Mas organization (who also own the Moog nightclub and Jamboree jazz club). In the 1980s and 1990s, the venue underwent layers of renovations, giving it a modern club feel and making it a key piece of the cultural and nightlife scene around the square.

Despite its lack of authentic décor and old-school vibe compared to other tablaos, this one focuses on live performance, so if you’re looking for a big night out, this is the place to go.

6. Los Juanele

Probably the most genuine ‘tablao’ in town, Los Juanele appears as if you stepped straight out of an Andalusian fair, and not a lot has changed since four decades when it originally opened.

They offer flamenco dance lessons on Thursdays, but the environment is equally ideal for rumba dancing and simply having a good time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fun Facts

Flamenco in Barcelona is a passionate affair. Did you know that the city’s love for Flamenco runs so deep that it even has a dedicated district, known as El Raval, where you can find numerous Flamenco clubs and venues? Barcelona has its own unique style of Flamenco called “Flamenco Catalan,” which incorporates local influences.

The Palacio del Flamenco, a renowned venue in the city, hosts up to 380 Flamenco performances each year, showcasing the art’s enduring popularity. Barcelona’s vibrant Flamenco scene is not just a show; it’s a heartfelt expression of Spanish culture that resonates throughout the city.

Bottom Line

There are so many beautiful flamenco nightclubs in Barcelona to choose from, all with great venues and excellent performances. Whether you’re looking for a touristy experience or more of a local affair, there’s a venue that suits your needs. We hope you find the one that interests you on this list! 

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