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Photo Christian Petzold

Christian Petzold

by Christian Petzold - updated December 2, 2022


Hailing from Germany, Christian has been an avid tourism enthusiast for many years. Says Christian about his early appreciation of the travel industry, “Looking back to when my passion for traveling was developed, I think this must have been in my early childhood. My parents always used to travel with me and my siblings by caravan and tent into a neighboring European country… Eventually this lead me to study tourism management in Germany and the UK… Implementing at least some elements of this experience in a mass tourist destination like Barcelona is one of the aims of our activity.”

As an active outdoor enthusiast, Christian is an avid biker. He has completed treks around many destinations including cycling across the entire country of New Zealand. He is also a die-hard football fan and enjoys playing the sport in any condition.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, German