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Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

by Christian Petzold - updated December 26, 2023

The city of Barcelona is a true treasure trove of unique things to buy. The local economy thrives on small, independent businesses that provide goods from women’s leather bags to children’s clothing and everything in between.

With so many options, here are just a few unique items to bring back home when visiting this enchanting city.

Locals Tips for Finding the Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

Navigating the FC Barcelona Treasures

  • Espardenyes Spotlight: Among the best things to buy in Barcelona are the espardenyes. These aren’t just shoes; they are a testament to Barcelona’s rich history. Once worn by fishermen and peasants, they’ve transformed into a modern-day fashion statement. Their diverse colors, designs, and sizes cater to all tastes, making them a must-have for those looking to immerse themselves in Spanish culture.
Espardenyes 1
  • Tip: For football enthusiasts, delve deeper into the world of FC Barcelona souvenirs. Some shops offer unique designs featuring the emblematic club’s emblem, making them both a sports memento and a fashion accessory. These are among the most authentic Barcelona souvenirs you can bring back!

“When in Barcelona, you don’t just buy things; you collect memories through the items you bring back home.”

 Souvenir Shops: Beyond the Usual

  • Unique Designs Await: Push past the clichés and dive into the treasure troves of Barcelona’s souvenir shops. Alongside picture frames and shot glasses, discover hand-painted fans, flamenco-inspired items, and even artisanal leather goods.
  • Grey Street Gems: Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, Grey Street on Carrer del Peu de la Creu is not just a shopping destination but an experience. From handcrafted jewelry by local artisans to textile items with traditional Catalan patterns, it’s a place where every item tells a story, making it a hub for authentic Barcelona souvenirs.

Sip the Magic of White Wines

  • Cava Calling: When considering the best things to buy in Barcelona, cava is an absolute must. The Bodegueta on Rambla Catalunya is a sanctuary for cava lovers, offering this iconic bubbly white wine.
  • Explore Local Blends: Broaden your wine horizons with unique blends that boast an ensemble of spices, herbs, and aromatic botanicals, offering a taste that’s distinctively Catalan.

Sweet Delights: More than Just Sugar

  • Egg White Excellence: Barcelona’s dessert scene is a testament to culinary brilliance. From egg white-varnished marzipan biscuits to Turrón, the city’s sweets are a delightful addition to the list of best things to buy in Barcelona.
  • Chocolate Chronicles: The world of chocolates in Barcelona is rich and diverse. Whether it’s artisanal chocolates or a comforting hot chocolate, each bite and sip is a journey through the city’s cocoa heritage.

Shopping Hubs to Explore

  • Plaça Catalunya Wonders: At the heart of Barcelona, Plaça Catalunya is more than just a square—it’s a shopping paradise. Along with big-name brands, you’ll find boutique stores offering hand-stitched leather bags, artisanal perfumes with Mediterranean scents, and handcrafted pottery, all reflecting the city’s rich heritage.
  • Wine Whims: Vila Viniteca is not just a wine shop but a sensory experience. Apart from an extensive wine collection, they offer tasting sessions, curated hampers combining wines with local cheeses, and even workshops for those keen to delve deeper into the world of wines.

Art, Craft, and Everything in Between

  • Pine Nut Prowess: Panelletes, delightful pastries, aren’t just made of pine nuts. Some come adorned with candied fruits, others are drizzled with caramel, and a few even carry a hint of citrus zest. Their texture, combined with flavors, makes them unique Barcelona souvenirs.
  • Chocolate Maestros: Barcelona’s chocolate scene is vast. Apart from renowned chocolatiers, there are boutique cafes offering chocolate-tasting sessions. Dive into the rich history, learn about the cacao sourcing, and discover the craftsmanship behind each bar or truffle.

Barcelona is a treasure trove of unique finds. Whether it’s fashion, food, or crafts, the city brims with items that make for the perfect souvenirs. With this guide, you’re not just shopping; you’re embarking on a journey through the heart of Barcelona, discovering the best things to buy and cherish forever. 

The Best Things to Buy in La Rambla and El Born

Strolling through the lively La Rambla, a hub for local crafts and souvenirs, is an excellent way to start your quest for the best things to buy in Barcelona. This famous street, along with Las Ramblas, is a paradise for those seeking authentic and special mementos. Likewise, El Born, a charming and historic neighborhood, offers a plethora of the best things to buy in Barcelona, from artisanal products to bespoke items that are steeped in Catalan culture and design.

Architectural Inspirations: Shopping for Gaudí-Inspired Souvenirs

Barcelona’s identity is deeply intertwined with the awe-inspiring works of Antoni Gaudí. His masterpieces, such as Park Güell, Casa Batlló, and La Pedrera (Casa Mila), not only draw countless visitors but also inspire a range of souvenirs and artworks. For those looking for the best things to buy in Barcelona, especially for art aficionados, replicas, prints, and art books featuring Gaudí’s work are must-haves.

Artistic Mementos: Embracing Picasso and Miró

The best things to buy in Barcelona for art enthusiasts include exclusive items from the Picasso Museum and the Joan Miró Foundation. These cultural hubs offer a rich selection of prints, postcards, and books related to Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, making them perfect additions to any art collection.

Arts Collections In Fundacio Joan Miro

Experiencing Barcelona’s Culture Through Shopping

In the Santa Maria del Mar and the Ciutat Vella, the old city of Barcelona, you can find some of the best things to buy in Barcelona. These areas are ideal for acquiring authentic Catalan cuisine ingredients and cooking utensils, allowing you to bring the flavours of Barcelona into your own kitchen.

“Barcelona is a treasure trove of unique and artistic finds, where every street corner offers a new discovery for shoppers.”

Local Shopping Experiences: From El Corte Inglés to Traditional Markets

El Corte Inglés, Barcelona’s renowned department store, offers a wide array of products, representing some of the best things to buy in Barcelona, from high-end fashion to local delicacies. For a traditional shopping experience, La Manual Alpargatera’s handcrafted espadrilles and the Boqueria Market’s fresh local produce are among the best things to buy in Barcelona.

Best Things to Buy in Barcelona

1. Espardenyes


Espardenyes, traditional Catalan flip-flops, stand out as some of the best things to buy in Barcelona. Known for their textured soles and warm lining, they’re ideal for both style and comfort.

These iconic espadrilles, a staple in locales from Martha’s Vineyard to the Maldives, have deep roots in Catalonia, dating back to the 14th century. To get an authentic pair, visit La Manual Alpargatera in the Gothic Quarter, established in 1941. Renowned for its wide range of styles, colors, and patterns, La Manual is Barcelona’s top choice for original espardenyes.

2. Vermouth


Barcelona is the home of cava, a Spanish sparkling wine that tastes similar to champagne. Spain, especially Catalonia, is also famous for vermouth. Vermouth is a fortified wine laced with herbs, roots, and barks. 

There are several vermouth brands from Spain, and there are many unique versions to taste. A glass of Vermut I Taronja (Vermouth with Orange) or Vermut Rosat (Vermouth with Strawberry) is necessary when visiting Barcelona.

3. Cheese


Located just north of Barcelona, the Pyrenees mountains are renowned for producing some of the best cheeses in the region, a must-include on your list of the best things to buy in Barcelona. The most notable is ‘Tupi,’ a fermented goat cheese known for its strong flavor, perfect for an after-dinner cheese and biscuit course.

Another standout is Alt Urgell from the Cerdanya valley. Its creamy texture and fruity notes make it an ideal pairing with Penèdes wine or rosé, enhancing its reputation as one of the best things to buy in Barcelona for cheese lovers.

Also, don’t miss Val d’Aran, a mature, semi-cured cow milk cheese. Its robust flavor is excellently paired with a glass of Penèdes reserve red wine, making it a top choice among the best things to buy in Barcelona.

These exquisite cheeses are available at La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous market. Additionally, for a wider range of traditional Catalan dairy products, visit the gourmet food hall in L’illa, where you’ll find a curated selection of the best things to buy in Barcelona for a true taste of local culinary delights.

4. Porcelain Figures

Porcelain Figures

Porcelain figurines have a long history in Spain, extending back to the 14th century during the Arab conquest. 

This beautiful art is a well-kept family secret that has developed with businesses and workshops. They often make the figurines with hard-paste porcelain with a trade secret glaze finish.

Take a trip to Barcelona, and you will find many things as unique as the city itself; one of those things is porcelain figures. The city is known for manufacturing high-quality porcelain figurines. They are trendy in Barcelona, and most stores sell them. They are also often sold at tourist shops where they are cheaper than in the shops themselves, making this product one of the best things to buy in Barcelona.

5. Penedès Wine 

Penedes Wine

The Penedès wine region has some of the country’s oldest vineyards, and they considered its wines to be some of the best produced. It has a Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunshine, little rain, and fresh air. This makes it ideal for grape cultivation.

Most vineyards are found south of Barcelona in the Penedès (region). During trips to Barcelona, do not miss the chance to visit one of these vineyards and take some bottles of Penedès wine back home with you. A bottle of Penedès is definitely one the best things to buy in Barcelona.

6. A Bota 

A Bota

Were you even in Spain if you didn’t purchase a bota? A bota, or wineskin, is a classic leather drinking vessel popular in Spain. This sack-like device resembles a hip flask you carry across your shoulder like a purse.

Locals drink from the bota by angling the vessel in such a manner that the liquid shoots out into the drinker’s lips without the drinker having to contact the bota’s rim with their tongues. In this way, a group can share drinks from the same bota. This kind of drinking vessel is only found in Catalonia, which is why is on our list of the best things to buy in Barcelona.

7. Flamenco Costumes

Flamenco Costumes 1

Flamenco is one of the trademarks of Barcelona. The performers always wear the legendary traditional flamenco costumes in the shows and sell them separately. They come in a vast collection of styles, from traditional Spanish dresses to flashy Mexican costumes.

Purchase a flamenco dress, shawl, or shoes on your Spanish holiday and bring a piece of classic Spanish culture home with you. If the outfit is a little too large for your bag, you can buy castanets. These are the spherical wooden shells held in dancers’ hands and clapped together to create a percussion rhythm.

8. Firewater


The Spanish take pride in their sherry and firewater. They make this drink by distilling the wine for an extended time, resulting in a highly potent drink of up to 50% alcohol.

Although it is not a wine, it has all the properties of one; it only has more color, aroma, and strength. Order a glass of this fiery spirit at any tapas restaurant during your trip to Barcelona and enjoy the delicious tangy taste.

9. Barcelona Souvenirs

Catalan Ceramic Tiles

Think of Barcelona, and you’ll probably think of its amazing beaches, architecture, music, and street art. Barcelona has also been known for making its mark on foreign visitors.

You can take home a piece of the city in the form of souvenirs such as Catalan ceramic tiles, traditionally handcrafted bookbinding boxes, silver jewelry, or tapestry replicas. 

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Barcelona Souvenirs Found Only in Spain

1. Mosaic Lizard

Mosaic Lizard

If you want to take a bit of Barcelona’s inventiveness home with you, look no further than mosaic lizards. These iconic works pay homage to Antoni Gaudi’s famous full-scale mosaic “El Drac,” or dragon, which he created inside Barcelona’s Parc Güell.

Take one of these objects home as a reminder of the magnificent art surrounding Barcelona’s streets.

2. Barcelona Souvenirs from Sagrada Familia

Snow Globe

La Sagrada Familia is one of those must-visit places in Barcelona. If you get the opportunity to view Gaudi’s unfinished masterwork, there are several keepsakes to take home.

Even if you prefer non-touristy gifts, it might be challenging to pass up an awe-inspiring commemorative item, whether it’s a three-dimensional puzzle, snow globe, or small model.

3. Barcelona famous sauce

Take one of the region’s famed sauces home with you. Their use of peppers and almonds distinguishes Barcelona sauces. Try the aioli sauce, which is garlicky mayonnaise that contains egg yolk. This sauce is the perfect combo for fresh vegetables, seafood, and meats. You can find unopened jars and precooked food to bring back on board.

4. El Porron

El Porron

If you’re searching for something different to buy in Barcelona, the porron is a good option. A porron is a drinking vessel that originated in medieval Catalonia.

It’s a strangely formed glass pitcher with a funnel and spout to drink from. They sometimes use it to serve wine and preserve olive oil in some Spanish restaurants. 

If you’re a Football (or Soccer for Americans) fan, you’re well aware of the sport’s importance in Barcelona. Barcelona is home to one of the world’s most famous clubs, and Barcelona inhabitants have a long history of devotion to the game, which is referred to as Fútbol in Spain.

Barcelona and Spain as a whole have a long-standing commitment to the sport. If you take a tour of the team’s stadium, you’ll most certainly find all types of memorabilia stuff, such as jerseys, scarves, and autographed souvenirs. Also, you can find these souvenirs at just about every souvenir store in town.

6. Perfume 

Are you looking for a fresh and exotic scent to wear? Look no further. Barcelona is home to a thriving community of small boutique perfumeries that sell delectable smells.

They have a variety of fresh floral and fruity scents that will make everyone back at home envious of your Barcelona fragrance.

7. Gourmet Chocolate

Gourmet Chocolate

In Spain, chocolate is an essential part of the culture and cuisine. This is especially true in Barcelona, known as the city that first introduced chocolate to the rest of Europe.

This is one reason you can find the best chocolate in Spain in Barcelona’s shops and markets.

Final Touches to Your Barcelona Shopping Itinerary

As you conclude your Barcelona itinerary, venture into neighborhoods like El Raval and Sant Antoni. These areas offer an eclectic mix of shops and tapas bars where you can find the best things to buy in Barcelona, not just in goods but in experiences and memories.

Using the Barcelona Card is a savvy way to explore these attractions, potentially offering discounts and making your search for the best things to buy in Barcelona even more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you know?

A fun and interesting fact about shopping in Barcelona is that the city is famous for its vibrant and artistic shopping streets. For example, Passeig de Gràcia is not only known for its high-end boutiques and designer shops but also for its unique modernist architecture, including iconic buildings like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera designed by Antoni Gaudí. This means that when you’re shopping in Barcelona, you can enjoy the stunning architectural beauty of the city’s streetscapes as you explore the shops, creating a truly immersive and visually appealing shopping experience. It’s a delightful blend of art, culture, and fashion that sets Barcelona apart as a shopping destination.

Author’s Note

What will you buy when you arrive in Barcelona? Keep the city’s charm close to your heart with one of their many souvenirs. Barcelona is a true gem for finding a souvenir to take home. They have food, clothes, and gifts that make you think of Barcelona every time you use them.

In summary, the best things to buy in Barcelona extend beyond mere items; they are experiences and stories woven into the fabric of this magnificent city.

 From Catalan art to culinary souvenirs and fashion items infused with local design, Barcelona’s shopping scene promises unique and unforgettable treasures.

There’s something for anybody in this vibrant city. Where will you find your favorite souvenir in Barcelona? Let us know in the comment section below!

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