Park Güell

Park Güell

Park Güell is situated on the slopes of the mountain range of Sierra de Collserola. When it was constructed between 1900 and 1914 by the most famous contemporary architect Antoni Gaudí, the parc was on the northern ends of Barcelona.

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Nowadays, due to the expansion of the city it is sitting like an island in the city and thanks to its elevation Park Güell is offering great views up to the Mediterranean Sea.

Back in the beginning of the 20th century, Park Güell was established to create luxury housing sites for the upper-class of Barcelona by count Eusebi Güell.

But since there was no interest among local aristocracy to move here, Eusebio Güell finally convinced Antoni Gaudí to move with his family into one of the houses himself. This house is called la Torre Rosa (the pink tower) and today hosts a museum with furniture designed by Gaudí.

In 1922 Park Güell was bought by the city of Barcelona and since it has gradually been converted into a municipal parc and garden.

Entering the parc from the lower entrance you will pass the colourful pavillon with its naturally round forms and the typically tiled and shaped roof. Following the stairs you will reach the multicolored mosaic dragon fountain, which is one of the main icons of the Park Güell.

Just above your head you can see the large main terrace, which extents from the mountain almost to the entrance. Move on through the columns of the lower court, which support the roof and the terrace above. On the left you will eventually reach the colonnaded pathway, which supports the wide gravel road through the park.

A couple of steps more and you will enter the wide terrace of Park Güell. The serpentine-shaped benches invite for a rest to enjoy the scenery and the great views over Barcelona’s quarters of Gracia and Eixample up to the sea and the mountain of Montjuic in the background.

Just next to the terrace, a little bit above, you can already see la Torre Rosa, where Gaudí lived with his family.

Stroll along the walks of Parc Güell and follow their way up the parc is offering more tranquillity then the sometimes busy terrace. Especially at the time of dusk, when the sun sets behind mount Tibidabo, the whole magic of Park Güell and Barcelona unfolds.

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Park Güell – Facts

Admission: € 7

Opening times: every day from 10.00 to around 19.00 hrs (depending on the time of year)

How to get to Park Güell?

By metro take the green line L3 to Lesseps and follow the signs.
Or use the Barcelona Bus Turistic, which stops close to Park Güell.

Insider Tip: If you wanna start at the upper levels of Park Güell, take metro line 3 up to Vallcarca. From here you follow the signs and escalators will ease your way to the top.