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Barcelona by bike – quick, fresh and fun!

Despite its population of almost 3 million inhabitants, Barcelona does not have the feel of a vast metropolis.

The beautiful Eixample quarter with its world heritage modernista buildings has a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. And the narrow lanes of the historic center have since Roman times been constructed in a way, that there is just no space for cars. Thus, Barcelona is an excellent place to discover on a bicycle.

You have got the choice between classic city bicycles and state-of-the-art electronic bikes. These so-called ebikes can be used without any driving license. The engine will support you if you need it and push you up to a pleasant cruising speed of 25 km/h.

So going downhill you will usually cycle on your own, but going uphill you will have a very nice cycling experience, even if you are not a trained cyclists.

Electric bikes have got a battery range of 30-40km, depending on how much you use the engine. Afterwards you can still cycle, but without the supporting engine. To charge it, just remove the battery from the bike and charge it in your room at night.

Ebikes are very useful in Barcelona since they allow you to get to the city’s hills and mountains like Montjuic or Tibidabo for wonderful views.

Cycling in Barcelona

In recent years a cheap public bicycle system has been developed that allows Barcelona’s registered residents to use a bicycle for only 30 Euros a year from one station to another. However, this service is only available to residents. But since the use is limited to half an hour tourists will be better off renting a bike anyway.

Thanks to this recent bicycle boom, a lot of bike paths have been constructed. Also you will see that on many streets one car lane has been seperated from the others and been reserved for bicycles. So generally, cycling through Barcelona is now much safer and much more relaxed than it was ten years ago.

Bicycle tours and rental in Barcelona

Please browse the range of bike tours and hire options. To check availability during your stay in Barcelona, please select your dates below.

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For further information, please take a look on the official bicycle map of Barcelona:
Barcelona Bicycle Map
(downloadable pdf-document, use the right-click to save it on your computer)

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