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Available: Every day
Duration: Departure 8:45am - Return 19:00h

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Adults 99,95
Children (4-12 years) 69,95
Seniors (+65 years) 97,95

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  • We are right in the centre of Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya in Carrer Montsio 10
  • Mon to Fri from 9am to 6pm


The tour begins in Plaza Catalunya (in front of the Hard Rock Café). Upon arrival, you will be assigned to your local English-speaking guide and meet the rest of the group – maximum 16 people!


Located just one hour away from central Barcelona, Montserrat is considered to be the most important mountain in Catalonia. A unique massif famous for its spirituality, its gothic shapes and beautiful view – ideal for all sort of treks and climbing.

The guided tour consists of an extended visit throughout the Basilica and Monastery, after which you will have time to explore the site on your own. There are many activities to choose from – you may want to explore the monastery further, visit the museum, make your way to the holy cave, ride a funicular to the top of the mountain, or shop in the Farmer’s Market. At the end of the visit we will attend the performance by l’Escolania de Montserrat, the oldest Boys’ Choir in Europe.

Multi-course meal at a local restaurant

After Montserrat, you will be served a fabulous multi-course Catalan meal accompanied by regional wine. Believe us, this is by no means not your typical “tour food”! It is our challenge to thrill all our clients with and unforgettable feast.

Oller del Mas Cellar

In the afternoon, our expert guides will be in charge of the visit to the cellar. You will take a stroll by the vineyards, learn how the wine is made, and discover all of its secrets.

Last but not least comes the wine tasting, where you will taste three local wines. It does not matter if you have been to a hundred tastings before or if this is your first one – your guide will provide you with a few valuable hints that will surely impress your acquaintances back home.

What is included?

  • Shared transportation in a comfortable air-conditioned bus
  • Local English speaking-guide
  • Guided visit to Montserrat Monastery
  • 2-hour free time at Montserrat
  • Multi-course Catalan meal with wine
  • Guided visit to a boutique winery, vineyards and cellar
  • Three local wine tasting
  • Possibility to buy the wines tasted and to ship them home


  • Please note that we reserve the right to modify itinerary if considered necessary. Please notify us if you are interested in hearing the boys’ choir during this experience.
  • Please note that the Boys’ Choir doesn’t perform on Saturdays, school holidays and several other dates throughout the year.
  • We work daily with different low-production, family-owned boutique wineries. Due to logistic reasons, you might visit Oller del Mas, Can Bonastre or Ca n’Estella during this experience.

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