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Soar above this iconic city!

…I am sure you were in awe of the picturesque scenery surrounding this Mediterranean jewel.

The landscape is a combination of sprawling mountains, blue skies and the glistening sea. It is no surprise Barcelona offers various tours from the sky, encapsulating the beauty below.

Choose how you would like to take your travels to the air with the various offers. The helicopter tours are an exciting way to see this beautiful city from above. Lucky for you, there are a variety of helicopter tour options, giving you the luxury of choice.

The cable car is a popular way to see the city from above and can easily be incorporated into your trip. It climbs over the sea giving you panoramic views while acting as a unique transport system to Montjuic Mountain.

Ever been on a hot air balloon?

Now is your chance with the hot air balloon experience! While the cable car and helicopter rides are relatively short, the hot air balloon is a long and luxurious one hour flight.

If you are afraid of heights, now it is time to conquer your fear. Take it easy as you float through this warm and lovely climate while gazing at the beauty below.

Barcelona Helicopter Tour 5res 1
Barcelona Bird’s Eye Gaze

1. Barcelona By Helicopter

You will be dazzled by the panoramic views as you soar across the sky in a helicopter. Choose from one of the tours to get a bird´s eye view of Barcelona.

Regardless of where you are, jumping on a helicopter about to take flight is an adrenaline pumping experience.

Gliding in the air on a helicopter over one of the most picturesque cities in the world is in a league of its own. Barcelona is arguably one of the most stunning cities to visit; why not go all out and treat yourself with a helicopter ride?

1.1. Costa Tour

The Costa Tour is a 6-minute flight along the coastline of Barcelona. As you sail above the sea, captivating views surround you.

During your flight, you will explore eye catching parts of the city like the World Trade Center, Maremagnum and the Statue of Columbus.

Barcelona Helicopter Tour 1 1
The sea shines in aqua and blue from the sky

You will have enchanting views of Port Olimpic and the beautiful beach of Marbella. These popular attractions and areas of the city would take hours to explore on foot; you will see Barcelona and all of its splendour in a matter of minutes.

We guarantee that this will be the experience of a lifetime, making your trip to Barcelona truly unforgettable.

1.2. Sky Tour

Fly in the air on this delightful 12-minute journey. You will venture through the coastline, the World Trade Center, glistening beaches, Port Olimpic and then observe the city center from above.

Marvel at Torre Agbar, Forum and the Eixample neighbourhood. Seeing Sagrada Familia from the sky brings your experience of this iconic treasure to a whole new level of appreciation and awe.

Barcelona Helicopter Tour 6res 2
Barcelona’s attractions take a whole new meaning from above

After flying above the city center, you will explore the stunning slopes of the Tibidabo Mountain, the famous Camp Nou Stadium, historical Olimpic Ring and enchanting Mountain of Montjuic with its castle.

This experience will blow you away, as you feel like you´re on top of the world.

1.3. Montserrat Tour

This 40-minute tour includes the Sky Tour and a flight to the majestic Montserrat Mountain. First you will explore Barcelona from the sky, observing this colourful city in all of its glory from a helicopter.

Next, you will journey to the sacred mountain of Montserrat, which is located 50km from Barcelona.

This exhilarating journey will be seared into your memory, as you are awe-struck by the jagged and rugged mountains intertwined with plush, rolling valleys.

Although you have seen the vast beauty of this region with panoramic views, there is still more on this tour!

Barcelona Helicopter Tour 7res 1
The jagged peaks of Montserrat Mountain

On your way back, you will fly along the Llobregat river valley. Admire the tranquillity and nature from above. Book now to enjoy 40 minutes of magic from the sky!

After deciding which tour is best for you, you can choose if you would prefer flying in the morning time slot or the afternoon time slot.

We will organize the exact scheduling of flights according to the weather forecast 1-2 days before your flight. You will receive a confirmation of the exact departure time at least 24 hours before the flight.

*Due to helicopter load limits, any passenger with a weight that exceeds 110kg may have to pay for an additional seat. If a passenger weighs more than 130kg, please contact us in advance.

2. Montjuic Cable Car

As you stroll around Barcelona, it is impossible not to see Montjuic Mountain in the distance. It is also hard to miss the cable cars going back and forth from this historic and gorgeous landmark.

The cable car links the city to the top of this glorious mountain, boasting panoramic views along the way.

The cable car climbs 84 metres on a 750-meter run over the glittering Mediterranean Sea. The cable car has three stations: Parc de Montjuic, Miramar and Castell de Montjuic.

Montjuic Cable Car 1 1
The panoramic views await

Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, you have reached a height of 173 metres. Mountain Montjuic is the highest point in the city, even higher than Sagrada Familia.

Although from a distance it seems like just a mountain, it has a wealth of activities and sites to be seen.

Visit the Montjuic Castle, which has a 360-degree terrace showcasing lovely Barcelona below. Did you know that the central venues of the 1992 Olympic Summer Games were right on this mountain?

Check out the Anella Olimpica (Olympic Ring).

If you enjoy running, there is a running circuit around the Montjuic Castle. Imagine the views as you jog around a castle! You can also combine the cable car with Poble Espanyol, as this is also located on Mountain Montjuic.

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3. Hot Air Ballooning

Human beings have always been curious about what it feels like to fly. Although we can’t technically fly, we can certainly try to mimic the feeling of flight. Hot air ballooning is serene and slow moving.

Float like a fluffy cloud in mid air while your mind is at ease from the peace and quiet in the heavens.

You will gently float upwards and feel like you have your own wings. This region of the world offers unforgettable nature and a diverse geography that takes on a whole new meaning from the air.

Hot air ballooning is so magical it is hard to describe the feeling in words. It is best if you just experience it for yourself!

3.1. Montserrat Hot Air Balloon Experience

This enlivening experience requires an early start! Once you are picked up at your hotel, you will drive to the flying zone close to Montserrat.

Montserrat Hot Air Ballon 1 1
The peaceful float of a hot air balloon

Get ready for lift off! You will float into the air for approximately one hour in a hot air balloon flight above the stunning Monastery of Montserrat and the surrounding areas.

After your exhilarating ride, you will make your way to Montserrat with a local guide. You will visit the tranquil Monastery that you just viewed from the sky.

Depending on the season and timetable, you may be lucky enough to admire the boys’ choir singing the famous “Escolania de Montserrat.”

4. Combined Tours

Combined tours are a special way to check off multiple experiences on your travel bucket list. Seeing the city from various vantage points enriches your travel experience while deepening your appreciation for this wonderful city.

If you are interested in bike tours, walking tours, tours on the water and from the air, you would have to either book multiple tours or be forced to choose.

Combined tours take away the pressure of choosing so that you can bundle all of your fabulous experiences in one day of excitement.

4.1 Barcelona Helicopter, Land & Sea

This authentic tour shows you Barcelona from 3 different in angles in one exciting day. The day starts at Passeig de Gracia, where you will embark on a walking tour journey with an official guide.

Your guide has a wealth of knowledge to share with you about the rich and fascinating history of this special city while you stroll around La Pedrera, Casa Batlló or Casa Amatller.

After the walking tour, it is time for your next adventure! You will hop on a luxurious minibus for a ride of sightseeing through exhilarating Barcelona.

The first attraction is the Monumental, the last bullfighting arena in operation in Catalonia.
Marvel at the exquisite architecture as you drive by the highlight of Gaudí´s work: The Sagrada Familia.

As you make your way back to the park Ciutadella, you will ride along the Arc de Triomf. After this, you will arrive at the heliport where the highlight of the tour is waiting for you.

You will see Barcelona from the sky in a 6-minute thrilling helicopter ride. Enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to see this vibrant city from above.

Barcelona Helicopter Land Sea 4 1
Feel the salty sea breeze

The tour finishes off with a sailing trip along the harbour of Barcelona. As you glide over the radiant Mediterranean Sea, delight in the refreshing sea breeze kissing your face while the sun warms your skin.

There is a bar available on board; get a drink and refresh yourself as you sit back and enjoy the ride. After sailing, you will be dropped off at the Columbus Monument where you can continue exploring the city on your own.

What is included?

  • Open Top Luxury Mini Bus (USB, WIFI, Leather Seats)
  • 6 minutes helicopter flight
  • Waterfront boat trip (Eco boat or Goleta)
  • Panoramic views of the Barcelona Skyline
  • English speaking guide

4.2. Barcelona E-Bike, Air & Sea

Offering three different perspectives on Barcelona, this tour takes you on land, air and sea. The tour begins with an e-bike ride up the slopes of the famous and iconic Mountain Montjuic.

From here you will take the cable car to the top of the mountain while you enjoy panoramic views of the city and beyond.

Once you arrive at the mountain, enjoy a stroll around the Olimpic Ring and the elegant Montjuic Castle as you learn about the fascinating history of this mountain.

Ebike Air Sea 1 1
Cycle through beauty

Make your way back to the harbour where a voyage on the sea is waiting for you. Smell the comforting salty sea breeze as it tickles your face while you overlook the harbour.

After you’ve cruised around the Mediterranean, the tour will continue with visiting the most emblematic Gaudí sites in Barcelona: the jaw dropping Sagrada Familia and Passeig de Gracia.

Passeig de Gracia is home to some of the best known Gaudí modernist buildings: La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

What is included?

  • Electric Bike
  • One Way Cable Car Ride
  • Waterfront boat trip (Eco boat or Goleta)
  • Panoramic views of the Barcelona Skyline
  • English speaking guide

5. General Tips, Recommendations and Advice

Tours from the sky are a special treat for any traveller. Some of you may be wondering if there is anything special you should bring for these unique tours.

You must be at the heliport 20 minutes before your flight time. Always bring your voucher and ID card or passport.

Although the last thing we want is for your trip to be cancelled, with tours in the sky we must make safety a number one priority. If we could control the weather to make every flight perfect, we would!

Unfortunately, that is out of our hands, therefore if the weather conditions are unsafe, your flight will be cancelled for security reasons. Your flight will be rescheduled or you will receive a refund.

It can be breezy and feel cool at the top of Montserrat, but keep in mind that the sun is strong. Be sure to pack sunscreen for protection.

Due to the mountain climate, it is also smart to bring layers and something waterproof, as the weather can change quickly. Sneakers or comfortable shoes are recommended, as you will be walking around.

Barcelona Cable Car Land Sea 1 1
Overlook vibrant Barcelona

As for choosing the right tour, look through these options with your specific trip in mind.

If you aren´t in Barcelona very long, you may choose a quicker trip. Alternatively, if you want to experience different perspectives of this stunning city, a combined tour may be the best option for you.

6. Book them online!

  • Montserrat Hot Air Ballon 25 10

    Montserrat Hot Air Balloon Experience

    Enjoy the breath-taking views on Montserrat in a hot air balloon. Visit the Monastery of Montserrat and get to know all its history and ventures.

    Duration: 7,5h
    From: 219,00 Book Now
  • Montjuic Cable Car 25 10

    Montjuic Cable Car

    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    2 stars
    1 star

    Visit historic Mt Montjuic and get there the most beautiful way! Enjoy fantastic views on Barcelona with the cable car from the sky.

    Duration: 15min each way
    From: 14,70 Book Now
  • Barcelona Helicopter Tour Wide

    Barcelona Helicopter Tour

    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    2 stars
    1 star

    Experience a spectacular adventure on our Helicopter Flight Tours. Fly above beautiful Barcelona with stunning panoramic views on coast line & attractions.

    Duration: 7-40min
    From: 85,00 Book Now

7. Conclusion

We hope this article provided you with enough knowledge and insight to make decisions on your preferred tours and adventures. You can´t go wrong, as all of these tours show you how magnificent Barcelona looks from above. Now it is your turn!

Did we leave something out? Do you still have unanswered questions? Do you have feedback after participating in one of these tours? We want to hear from you! Please leave your comments below.