Barcelona Boat Tours

Barcelona from the Sea

Enjoy the view from the sea of Barcelona with our amazing and unique experiences. You will get an extraordinary view from the Mediterranean Sea, having fun with your friends and family.

  • The Wooden Boat Tour

    The Wooden Boat Tour

    Sail Barcelona Coastline on board our unique boat – the Goleta Karya. Discover our treasured classic wooden schooner which was built in Bodrum, Turkey, with the finest materials and modern details. Goleta Karya is undoubtedly the jewel of Barcelona Coast and everyone who sets foot on this dream vessel, lets their onboard experience flow. Don’t miss the chance to find out the most incredible views of Barcelona while enjoying fresh and exquisite drinks and snacks from our bar service on board.

    Duration: 30 minutes - 1h 30 minutes
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  • Sunset Sailing 1

    Sunset Sailing with Live Music Experience

    Enjoy this exclusive sailing trip at the Mediterranean coast. Get on a refurbished 20th century sailing boat and watch the sunset while listening to live music and savoring a gin & tonic. Perfect for a romantic date or just to unwind after a stressful day!

    Duration: 2.5h
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  • Vela mediterránea 3

    Mediterranean Sailing Tour

    Duration: 2h Departure times (10:00am, 13:45h, 17:30h)
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  • Eco Small

    Eco Boat Trip Barcelona Port-Skyline

    Duration: 40 min
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  • Catamaran Sailing 8res

    Catamaran Sailing

    Enjoy the view from the sea of Barcelona. The tour starts at Port Olimpic and sails across the Mediterranean sea. Explore this amazing and unique experience.

    Duration: 3h
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  • Barcelona Water Sports 5res

    Barcelona Water Sports

    5 stars
    4 stars
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    1 star

    Best water activities in Barcelona on the beach!

    Duration: 15-60min
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  • Barcelona Helicopter, Land, Sea 1

    Barcelona Helicopter, Land & Sea

    Perhaps the best tour to see the Highlights of Barcelona in just half a day! Take a look at the City from 3 different angles: Air, Land & Sea. Start driving around the city in a luxurious open top mini bus, get on a thrilling helicopter ride and end your tour feeling the sea breeze tickling your face on a boat ride.

    Duration: 4h
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  • Ebike, Air, Sea 1

    Barcelona E-Bike, Air & Sea

    E-Bike tour with a twist! Take a look at Barcelona from 3 different angles: Land, air and sea. This tour includes not just a guided e-bike tour, but in addition also a cable car ride up to Mount Montjuic and a boat ride along the coast!

    Duration: 3.5h
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  • Barcelona Cable Car, Land, Sea 1

    Barcelona Cable Car, Land & Sea

    3 different tours, angles and experiences in only one afternoon tour! Let our guide take you on an open top mini bus ride through the city, enjoy a bird's eye view on Barcelona while taking the cable car up to Mount Montjuic and end the afternoon cruising along the coast on a boat.

    Duration: 4h
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