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Placa Reial

Placa Reial is the royal plaza of Barcelona. The architect Francesc Daniel Molina i Casamajó designed this pedestrian square in the mid of the 19th century in the contemporary neo-classical style.

By many, Placa Reial is considered the most beautiful plaza of Barcelona. It is surrounded by arcades and buildings with 4 stories.

Placa Reial 1 800px

Since all facades towards Placa Reial have got the same height and design, it resembles of one single construction like Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

The square itself is dominated by a picturesque fountain in the centre that is surrounded by palm trees. Special architectural gems are the helmeted lanterns that have been designed by Antoni Gaudí in his early days.

Today, Placa Reial is lined with a lot of bars and restaurants. Although they are considered a bit pricey, they are still worth a visit for the wonderful atmosphere on the square.

Coming from bustling la Rambla just 50 meters away, Placa Reial might seems as an oasis of relaxation to you.

How to get to Placa Reial?

By metro take the green line L3 to Liceu. From here follow la Rambla 100 metres down and turn left to Placa Reial. Since the plaza is almost completely surrounded by buildings, make sure you not to miss the entrance.

Insider tip: Sometimes tourists get confused with Placa Reial and similarily named Placa del Rei. If anybody gives you directions including any of the two, better ask again, which of the plazas he or she is referring to.

Although both Placa Reial and Placa del Rei are in the Gothic quarter, finding the way from one to the other can be a bit difficult in the winding narrow lanes of this old district.