Tossa del Mar

Tossa de Mar is perhaps the quietest out of Costa Brava’s most popular cities and may be the most beautiful.

Just north of Lloret, this quaint town offers a more relaxing experience, where you can get a true feel of the locals quite quickly. This town is meant to be explored by foot, with tons of great passageways and alleys that interlock and lead you to new streets to discover.

Tossa de Mar cliffsThe best area to walk around in the city is “Vila Vella” the medieval inspired architecture that makes up the downtown area, with old stonewalls that date back to the twelfth century.

There are many delicious restaurants here, targeted towards tourists, so if you are looking for something more local you may have to venture to the periphery of the city.
There are three towers around this area that add to the medieval feel of the neighbourhood.

What is most striking about this city are the town walls and towers that border the city. The mosaic of rock formed with great detail is a photographer’s dream and makes the entire city seem ripe for a postcard. This fortress not only provided safety in the past, but now offers a stunning view of the surrounding city.

What is also nice is that these walls stretch out onto the beach, which makes a day in the sun rather magical. Sitting on the rocky shores, your background is the beautiful, ancient rock walls, a very similar experience to Dubrovnik, Croatia. There are three beaches in total in Tossa, “El Codolar”, the Tossa beach and “La Mar Menuda”, all of which are beautiful year round.

In the summer these beaches are quite crowded, so if you want a more secluded experience you may want to search for a more discreet cove just outside of the city.