Low Budget Barcelona

End of January: Most of the money that has been carefully saved during 2013 was probably blown for Christmas presents, for a brand-new and fancy year’s eve dress, many parties during the holiday season and an exorbitant expensive ski holiday… and now there is the question of how to enjoy Barcelona with a relatively low budget.

Relax! Catalan’s capital is truly a great place to be when the money is tight or has already been spend on tapas, paella or designer shoes during the first days. First of all, the weather is usually sunny and even right now in January an average temperature of 13-15 degrees allows everyone to trade a trip to the shopping streets with a nice walk over the beautiful beach promenade. An expensive lunch can be replaced by a lovely picnic in Parc de la Ciutadella where young talents will accompany you with nice guitar and drum sounds and you will find amazing street art all over the city which compensates entrance fees for art galleries. A large number of parks, streets and squares provide comfy benches to chat, read or just watch people passing by.

Another great thing is the tradition of making culture available for everyone. Most of the major museums in Barcelona open their doors for public and without an admission fee on one day per month. Usually this is the first Sunday of each month, however, dates can vary and you should always check the website before visiting. Museu Picasso is free every Sunday during the afternoon hours, as well as Museu de la Musica and Museu Frederic Marès. You are able to marvel at statues of chocolate, varying from Sagrada Familia to Disney characters, in the famous chocolate museum Museu de Xocolate near Arc de Triomf for free on the first Monday of every month.

If you want to stroll along contemporary art, head to galleries such as ADN, Joan Gasper, Trama or Galeria 3 Punts in order to save admission fees and discover new talented artists as well as those with an already established career.

In any case, you don’t need a big pile of money in order to fully enjoy the beauty of Barcelona – it just takes a little imagination and with that the city is your oyster!

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